What is PGA? Discover the secrets of the PGA profession

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What the PGA means to many people is still an open question. Let’s learn more about PG Party A’s career at Innnewyorkcity VN and delve into the world of leggy giants through the following article.

What is PGA?

What is a PG Profession?

Before we learn what PGA is, we need to understand the definition of the term PG. PG stands for Promotion Girl. This phrase refers to young girls with beautiful appearance as advertising representatives for brands. They often perform at major events. Their mission is not only to acquire customers, but also to advise and sell the company’s products.

So now we will learn more about Party A to answer the question what is PGA.

What is party A?

This is how you call sensitive people or from A to Z. Long-legged customers can do whatever they want here. In turn, the cost of paying PGs is very high, sometimes even up to tens of millions for a few hours.

What does it mean to call PG participant A?

The beautiful PGA or PG Party A takes on the role of partying with clients. You will often play the role of girlfriend, lover, secretary. Not only that, if a guest wants to do a few minutes of “relaxation” in bed after the party, he won’t refuse to hook his wallets to sit on that guest and moan loudly like JAV actors. real.
What is PGA?
PGA girls are typically the following types of people:

  • Poor students want to earn extra income to pay off their debts or meet their own lavish spending needs.
  • Actress, model, hot girl want to make money fast.
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Most PGA girls are usually under a lot of money pressure. These pressures stem from circumstances due to their indebtedness or excessive spending habits. Real work jobs often don’t bring much money and are a bit miserable. Therefore, to satisfy their needs, the PGA girls decide to date the giants.
What is PGA?
The girls often post pictures of luxury food, travel like going to the market, buying branded items like buying vegetables. But they don’t have a working photo. Most likely these girls are PGA.

Where can I find PGA? Is the cost of using the PGA service high?

If you already know what PGA is, you will surely be curious where to find them and how much they cost?

Where can I find PG A?

PGA works on many online platforms. Mainly Telegram and Facebook groups. In groups, the admins will be in charge of posting about the girls for the customers to choose from. Information published includes your city of residence, year of birth, treble measurements, PGA’s own profile and prices. The intro also contains an image, but usually covers the face. This is to protect the true identities of the PGAs.
Where can I find PGA?  Is the cost of using the PGA service high?
To join these groups, customers have to pay a certain fee. This allows the team to reach people who have real money and need to hire a PGA.

Cost of PGA?

PGA is a very different class than call girls or prostitutes. Not only are they young and beautiful girls, but they can also talk. The PGAs don’t put on wild shows and don’t have a “guest” time frame every day. To find them, customers must make an appointment in advance.
Cost of PGA?
Since the reception frequency is lower and it is considered a “high-end product”, the price of PGA must be called “expensive”. Even a light “fast train” fun can burn customers millions of dongs. The number can even rise to tens of millions when customers choose high-quality PGs, actors and models. Therefore, most of the customers who use PGA’s services are people with money.

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What are the pros and cons of a PGA?

Go PGA, what do the girls get?

This is a very good question for anyone interested in learning about the life of a PGA. It must be something special that many girls choose to sell their bodies to the rich, right? So what are the things that a normal girl can only get by doing PGA?
Go PGA, what do the girls get?
A life of luxury that few people have. The girls can participate in lavish parties, lavish trips, and 5-star utilities. And of course this is completely free of charge, because this is an effort that you have to accept first of all. money and lots of money. Not only are you insured, PGAs are paid for after the service is completed. If you meet a guest who is willing to play and the PGA does their job well, the extra tip is undisputed.

What are the risks of PGA?

Everything has its downside. And so is the PGA profession! While they don’t visit clients as often as call girls, PGA still run the risk of contracting social diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, and even HIV. Next, if your PGA work is discovered, your reputation will be lost as well. In a country that values ​​fine customs and traditions like Vietnam, it’s hard to accept selling sex for money. People around you will look at you with disdain or even alienation.
What are the risks of PGA?
PGA is not a long-term career: the “self-made” business depends on your beauty as much as it does on your youth. As soon as the PGs “cut the wind”, the price reduction, even if there are no customers, is perfectly understandable. Many PGAs can’t even get a decent job later because they’re used to a hedonistic lifestyle. Finally, if you think a PGA can find a place among the “giants,” then beat yourself up. The PGA is nothing more than a commodity to the player. And the story of a happy ending is only found in romance novels.
By now you must have understood what PGA work is and its disadvantages. Don’t forget to follow the next articles of Innnewyorkcity VN.com to update more practical life knowledge.

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