What is Pho? Why do women curse and men love it?

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What is Pho? Certainly most of us are not ignorant. Although often strongly condemned by society and viewed as a crime, it still thrives and takes many different forms.

What is Pho?

Pho is a word for girls who work as prostitutes and prostitutes. Pho is also known as industrial girl, cave girl or flower girl, money making girl. Pho makes money by using her beauty and body to satisfy men’s sexual needs.

When referring to pho people often think of girls with hot bodies who sell themselves cheap for money but in reality there are not only prostitutes but a wider spectrum.

Pho and things you might not know

Even though you know what Pho is, there are still many things you don’t fully understand about this job.

How Many Types of Pho Are There and How to Make Money?

Actually there are two types of prostitutes and prostitutes. Although they are two different types, both use the way to satisfy other people’s sexual needs to make money. These people may stand on the side of the road looking for customers or join prostitution groups for protection.
Pho and things you might not know
Furthermore, today’s prostitutes also work online, promoting themselves through social networking platforms and clients can find them through online messages or phone calls.

What are the awards for bags, industry and men?

The men are male prostitutes. They are often visited by girls, young women or gay men in order to engage in sexual activities. Although there is less support from men than women, the level of activity is about the same.

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What are the harmful effects of brewing tea?

Harm to you and your family

Since they are considered a menial profession and sell themselves cheaply, nobody can really accept their relatives and friends as prostitutes. Therefore, these people are often shunned by society, family and loved ones.
What are the harmful effects of brewing tea?  - Harm to yourself and your family
Not only that, the girl’s and boy’s family members also suffered a lot of bad news, causing shame and embarrassment on their parents and siblings.

harm to other families

No lover, wife or husband is happy with a partner beating rocks. Therefore, it is understandable that family feelings will go downhill and family happiness will be destroyed in this case.
harm to other families
In addition, in the scene when the husband left his wife to follow a prostitute, the woman fell in love with her husband, which led to the breakdown of her husband, which is not strange.

As a source of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases

HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. are diseases that are easily transmitted through sex. And, of course, people who have sex with this person today will have sex with another person tomorrow, which is a very dangerous source of infection.
As a source of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
Accordingly, at the frequency of sex with 1 person / day, they can infect 30 people / month. This is also one of the reasons why Pho is always condemned and considered illegal in our country. At the moment there are also many people who are proposing that prostitution be recognized as a legal profession, but with the consequences that it entails, we can hardly accept this proposal.

What is the reason why many people choose to become Pho?

If you already understand what pho is, why you become pho is equally important. Accordingly, these people have a whole range of reasons justifying becoming their prostitutes. It can be due to debt, falling, being seduced, paying off family debts, etc., but it’s all about one word “MONEY”.
What is the reason why many people choose to become Pho?
With a desire to make money quickly without hard work like others. A person who practices this practice every night can earn several hundred to several million dongs, there are celebrities who earn tens, hundreds of millions of dongs per night.
Above is an article that introduces you to the concept of pho, the types of pho, as well as the reasons for going pho and the harm this profession does to you and society. Hopefully young people will “wake up” to this and stay away from this not-so-nice path.

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