What is Playboy? Factors that make a real player

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Gaming is a term quite familiar to the online community and commonly used in communication. But do you really understand its meaning and origin? Let’s go with Innnewyorkcity VN to find the answer in this article.

What is Playboy?

Playboy is the name of a famous American men’s magazine founded by Hugh Hefner. It is also the first step to make this company a famous brand that is well known to many people around the world.

This newspaper was first published in the 90s of the twentieth century. A feature of the magazine is to bring the typical beauty of women closer to everyone, especially men. Magazine articles are mostly sexy photos of beautiful models. In addition, Playboy also publishes many articles in various fields such as fashion, beauty, sports, art… which are very well received by readers around the world.

The real meaning of Playboy?

In addition to the brand name of the famous men’s magazine, Playboy is a term for men who like to play or just call it “gamers”. When a guy is called a playboy, you can interpret it in one of the following ways, depending on the situation:

  • A person who can only play, work lazily.
  • If you like to play, you simply have a lot of money.
  • The villain specializes in cheating on girls.
  • A flashy guy likes pretty girls.

The real meaning of Playboy?
In short, this call has a negative connotation of villains. The player is not suitable for women with a gentle, pure and faithful personality who always want a serious relationship.

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Some frequently asked questions about players

Here are some questions for those who don’t understand these scammers.

Is it wrong to have a crush on a gamer?

This is perfectly normal, as these “gamers” are often self-assured, lively, and articulate. Also, whatever style a player follows, they always exude something very cool, very masculine. That’s why it’s so easy to fall in love with women.

Is it okay to love a playboy?

The answer depends on the phase, depends on the person. Before he gets you he will be super good. He can take care of the small details to “pour” you, take care of you. However, once he has achieved his goal, he will most likely ignore you thoughtlessly.

Should you be too nervous to love a player?

Your worries don’t help at all. Falling in love with a playboy means accepting that an exciting romantic relationship always comes with risks. If you are afraid of being hurt, love another person sincerely and sincerely. Don’t try to jump on a bad guy and then after he gets kicked he turns around and says “men are all scum except my dad”.

Factors that define a “player”.

There are many different factors in a real player including:

Dear good women

In fact, a “playboy” knows how to please women and make them fall in love. From his handsome looks to his attractive way of speaking… he always helps to make women fall in love.
Elements that make up a


A true “boyfriend” will not have as much patience as other men when it comes to flirting with a girl. Because around them there is no shortage of attractive girls. If they really want to go after a girl, she must have something very prominent to attract him to.

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They are always in a state where they don’t need life, don’t need people, don’t want to please those around them. Excessive carelessness is sometimes misinterpreted as the masculinity, confidence, and independence that makes women fall in love.


A true playboy will not look at how he treats others to judge himself, he is very confident and knows where his worth lies.

Be liberal about sex

Men flirt with women to get what they want: sex. With these players, chasing girls becomes instinctive and it’s easy to get women to bed what they need to do.
Hopefully, by sharing above you have a better understanding of what the word playboy means. Think whether to love a player or not to avoid getting hurt!

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