What is prostitution? How to speak dirty for men and women

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Many scientific studies have shown that using oral sex properly can enhance the taste of love and make love more exciting.

What is prostitution?

Oral sex is also known as profanity. These are potentially erotic words and sounds that come out of one or both people’s mouths during sex. Its purpose is to facilitate both partners’ attainment of joy and satisfaction in love.

This is used as a spice in every sexual intercourse or as a stimulant to make the couple’s feelings grow closer. Therefore, you should not ignore such a powerful weapon as obscenity.

Is Oral Sex Bad Practice?

There are many people who think lying during sex is only for people with mental health issues. However, many sexologists believe that if you know how to use the right timing and the right art, sex becomes a powerful weapon to increase the excitement and fullness of love.

Dirty talk is lying?

Not necessarily. You can give him seductive words and gently stimulate him. It doesn’t have to be obscene to be obscene. For those who are a bit uncomfortable saying bad things in Vietnamese, using English is also a good choice.

How to speak dirty for men and women

The following are specific guidelines for male and female profanity. You can refer to more information for the most appropriate use.

For women

How to speak dirty for men and women
In women, oral sex can be performed as follows:

slight moan

When he initiates foreplay or penetrates her, the soft moaning helps the man be more aroused and confident.

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Say profanity or love words

During love, you can say love words mixed with a little vulgarity to increase arousal for men. As you begin to get involved, let go of your shyness and open up about sharing your feelings with him. Alternatively, you can encourage his skills or compliment him to make him a little more aroused during sex.

hiccups or choking

You can cheer him up with seductive sounds to make him more confident. From time to time, however, you can control your whining. You can moan softly during foreplay, but when he’s on top you have to moan louder and faster. In addition, it is necessary to combine other movements, such as B: cling to the back, arms… Finally, in the post-game screen, you can both gently cuddle and swear support if you wish to complete the round. 2.

For men

profanities for men
Men may also moan unconsciously when the penis is being stimulated. The way you make soft moaning noises during sex also makes your partner feel more interesting here. In addition, men should also use the following great sayings to compliment her or question her thoughtfully. Although they are just simple sayings, they can help a lot in love. It can most effectively stimulate emotions and desires in both people. So make the most of it and use it in whatever way works best for you!
Hopefully, with the information Innnewyorkcity VN shares, you will have more useful information about oral sex and how to perform it with the highest efficiency on both men and women. I hope you will apply most accurately and have good luck in your sex life.

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