What is salary crane? What is Salary Split and Dog Food?

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Luong crane is a term often used by young Vietnamese on social media, but many people still don’t really understand what it is. Let’s find out now!

What is salary crane?

Crazy or “dog rice” is a way of referring to the emotional actions of couples in front of singles and making those people jealous of them.

What does wage difference mean?

Handing out dog food or dog rice is an intentional act of showing affection and caring for one another in front of single people to tease and joke with them.

Today it can be seen that many television series or entertainment videos on social networks have this term. Therefore, dog rice distribution is not only for the couples showing their love in real life, but also for the couples in the movie.

What is salary?

Binge eating is a word that describes the situation in which single people are forced to witness the intimate acts of loving couples right before their eyes.

Origin of crane wages

Cuong liang (Chinese: 狗粮, transliteration: gǒu luing) is a popular slang word on Chinese social media, often used to make jokes. Cuong Luong refers to the intimate acts and sweet feelings that couples in love show in front of singles. The reason why it is called a dog is that in the social network culture of young Chinese, single people are often called FA (single dog) in a funny way. This is like a metaphor to name people who have reached the age where they have a lover, get married, but have not yet had a boyfriend or girlfriend.
The origin of the dog of the Chinese languageThe origin of the dog is in China. You will often see dogs sitting idle watching their owners eat rice. Although he was hungry, he hadn’t eaten yet, but he was waiting next to him. This picture is quite similar to lonely people who didn’t have a lover but also have to experience couples in love with passionate love that makes them jealous.

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Funny meme pics, funny

What is salary crane?Cute Baby Meme Crane Pictures
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What should FAs do to cap their salaries?

Actually, nobody wants to have to eat dog rice all day when they are single, right? So how do FAs in life not become reluctant viewers of social psychology films? See some suggestions below.

Don’t go out, travel with couples

This is of course. But FAs also ask to go in pairs, they are only allowed to eat dog food once in a while. The best way to avoid eating dog meat is not to go out or to go on an outing in a group with many couples. If you lie down with your eyes closed, you can imagine the many scenes that you will encounter during the excursion, right? When they cuddle, hug and show affection whenever you want and you can just look and say wishes…
What should FAs do to limit wage demands?

Vacation should go with other FAs

This is an effective way if you don’t want to see dog rice everywhere. FA friends like me will be the safest place to live. FA only plays games, watches movies and eats alone. You can safely rally your allies.
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