What is Teves? How Tevez drives women crazy

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Tevez is a common term that is very commonly used by gamers today, especially in 18+ themed stories, girls… Let’s find out what Tevez is through the following article!

What is Teves?

Tevez is also known as Tevet. This is a slang term used to refer to the act of oral sex between a man and a woman’s vagina. The boys are about to engage in a range of sucking, licking and oral stimulation with their friend’s “little girl”. This can be said to be the most effective foreplay move that gives extreme pleasure.

In the massage industry of playboys in disguise, that’s a hot word in the dredging sense. Some words with equivalent meanings are oral sex, tent… What is special about Tevez? That means men have to pay to experience the feeling of sex in the secret triangle of “industry girls”. In addition, camping is also very stimulating and brings new feelings and orgasms for couples. The trough helps women to be maximally stimulated, to secrete more mucus, so that the sex process is smoother.

Why do men like to kiss their private parts?

  • Women who are kissed intimately are more likely to climax.
  • The private area hides a woman’s G-spot.
  • Increase your love for each other.

It can be said that if women already know what deepthroat is, men must also know how to properly tevez.

Should you spend money to get Tevez with a masseuse?

Many of you are wondering if you should do tevez with massage girls. This is entirely up to you. Full dredging has many benefits. However, to tevez for the female industry, men in society will be susceptible to infectious diseases. In addition, the feeling of using your mouth to kiss many people’s “private areas” makes this a job with many barriers that you do not want to try. Please weigh the pros and cons before deciding to use the tevez service or not!

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How do you make women “happy” at Tevez?

Don’t think that dredging is very easy. There are many men who have given up after many attempts. There are also many people who try, but do not bring good results, do not please their partners. What are the steps to be effective at Tevez? Please note the following:

Disinfect before sex

Disinfect before sex
The first step is to focus on cleaning. Women’s private parts must be kept clean. It is possible to use a little more aroma of essential oils to remove the unpleasant aftertaste so that men can get used to this area in the most comfortable way.

Discover “little girl”

Discover the “little girl” by placing kisses on the pubic area, followed by big and small kisses. Use the entire tongue to increase female arousal.


How do I get to tevez properly? Use your tongue to go deep inside and attack every corner of the girl. When jets of water begin to flow, it is necessary to increase the speed more in order to increase the feeling of excitement for the opponent. From time to time you can stop using your mouth and use your hands to penetrate her. This will help buy time and give you time to catch some air before moving on.

Do not miss

Remember that pitching a tent is an act of cuddling that shows respect, so always be gentle and don’t miss a thing about your “little girl”. When a woman’s body is stimulated and climaxes, it secretes mucus to lubricate the vagina. At this point, you can use your mouth to drink water to increase arousal. It can be uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to it, it’s very hard to let go!

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Notice if tevez

If you need to use your tongue, avoid using teeth, which can cause pain
When making a tray, in no case should you use teeth, it will cause pain and scratches for the “little girl”. It is best to use only the tongue so as not to cause pain to the partner. Hopefully with the sharing of answers about what Tevez is that this article gives you will have a better understanding of this term and how to bottom out to help her get to the top. Don’t forget to follow Innnewyorkcity VN for more updates of interesting information!

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