What is the climax? Men and women who reach the top are equal?

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Sex is one of the normal physiological human needs, and the orgasm of both partners plays an important role in love. When both partners reach orgasm, love becomes more sublimated. Learn more about this topic with TinhhayVIP.com directly in the following article.

What is the climax?

Orgasm is the common term for the moment of orgasm during sexual intercourse in both men and women.
An emotional state achieved during sexual intercourse. In the love of both people there will be times when sexual emotions rush to the climax, to the highest threshold, and these manifestations end with ejaculation. Then people gradually lose interest and slowly enter the dormant phase. Because of these qualities, many people compare orgasm during sex to climbing a mountain peak, the satisfaction of reaching the goal now, and the culmination of love.

How do women feel when they have an orgasm?

In sex, the desire of most men is to help your partner sublimate themselves. This not only strengthens love, but also confirms his ability to sleep. Here are the symptoms of orgasm in women that men should know about:

Breathe and moan loudly

Normally our breathing is very regular and gentle. However, when love reaches a climax, women breathe faster. Breathing is loud and can be heard more clearly.
How do women feel when they have an orgasm?When a woman has an orgasm, she will usually gasp.

Continuous vaginal contractions

When love is at its peak, the amount of blood accumulates to a certain extent. Can be face, chest, genitals. When you are close to orgasm, the organs inside the vagina and the muscles outside the vulva contract strongly and continuously. It is this expression that makes men happier. In addition to vaginal contractions, a woman’s breasts also swell.

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The body has movements

Many women subconsciously squeeze or entangle their partner as they orgasm. At the same time, you will slowly arch your back, your pelvis will gradually rise higher to enjoy the pleasure. This is a sign that the girls are about to climax. If you know the signs above, you can find ways to stimulate the G-spots on her body to help her orgasm quickly.

sweating all over the body

This happens to most people during sex. This is because sex is one of those activities that consume a lot of energy. We sweat easily in combat, especially when having sex on hot days or sharing blankets during sex.
sweating all over the bodyIn love you will sweat a lot. In addition, the increase in body temperature during sex or the dilation of blood vessels under the skin also promotes sweating. Emotions also stimulate the sweat glands to secrete more.

Brace your legs

When a woman closes her legs during sex, it means she is ready for climax. This is also the time when women will have the strongest emotions. So folks, try to get them to their destination as soon as possible!

Are men’s orgasms the same as women’s?

According to experts, emotional sublimation during sex can occur in both men and women. However, men orgasm more often than women. However, the expression in men is not the same as in women. Let’s find out the following signs when a man is having an orgasm:
Do men behave like women during orgasm?Men tend to have an easier time orgasming than women.

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heart beats fast

Just like women, men’s heart rate and breathing rate beat faster when they are stimulated. At the same time, many men also develop red spots on their abdomen, shoulders, chest, neck, or face.

The speed of lovemaking happens faster

Entering the stage of preparation for ejaculation, the speed of male sex will increase very quickly. At this point, the boy is inserted deep into the vulva. This is one of the signs that women easily feel during sex.

make a noise

According to statistics, up to 50% of men make a moaning sound when they orgasm. About 20% of men experience orgasm in complete silence, while the other 10% convulse, bite, or even swear.

Close your eyes and dream

There are many men who think that having sex often makes them feel like they are in a hypnotic, unconscious state. When you see his dreamy, panting face, you know for sure that he’s about to come out.


When the climax is reached, the male will ejaculate. Ejaculation is the process of forcing semen out through the urethra on a man’s head. However, ejaculation and orgasm are two completely opposite states. There are many men who ejaculate but fail to reach orgasm. It can be seen that the symptoms when men and women reach orgasm are not exactly the same. Therefore, from the above symptoms, you can see the peak of expression when men and women fight.

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