What is the king of chains? What’s the use of being a king?

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Chan Vuong is a very popular slang word on social networks lately. What does it really mean and when should it be used? Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity VN in the content below.

What is King Chan?

Chan Vuong is a word used to refer to people who like to sit cool and eat a bowl of gold, especially the young who have the desire to change their lives, live rich and live in luxury by taking a rich wife instead. work hard. to go to work.

That is why there is a saying “The waves overwhelm people’s lives, the future depends on the woman’s family”. The word turban refers to the man in the second case. This is a word used to ridicule guys who are greedy for vanity but don’t try to work but want to live with their money. Family of the woman so as not to be afraid of poverty.

Where do kings come from?

Where did King Chan come from?
In fact, the word shaman appeared only recently. The meaning of this word has existed since ancient times. Also the proverbial folk song of our ancestors with the phrase “dog under the cupboard” has a similar meaning as above to ridicule young men with broad shoulders, men by marriage and men living under the woman’s house. As we all know, in ancient times people were highly respected. They are considered the breadwinners of the family, only achieve great things and stay away from work around cupboards and dishes. All big and small things in the house are decided by men, women do not dare to contradict. However, there are men who go to in-laws, live in the wife’s house, people often compare “dogs under the closet”. The literal meaning of the proverb shows that the dog hides under the closet – a narrow and cramped space that does not dare to speak or move. The figurative meaning is that only the young have to stay in the house, have no voice in the family, little opportunity to return. Today you see many people not only in real life but also in short films, daily romance novels to NP series.

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What are the characteristics of deadlock?

In fact, certainly no real guy wants to be labeled an underdog. But those who like to hide will always have the following characteristics in common.

  • Living in the family of a powerful woman, rich but not respected.
  • Most of these people are usually quite weak.
  • In the family, this groom has absolutely no voice.
  • Do not interfere in important family matters.
  • For fear of offending his wife’s family, he did not dare to express his opinion. No problem, nobody is listening.
  • Not having the right to decide big or small things in the family.
  • Always seen as useless and incompetent.

What are the characteristics of deadlock?

Are all men who marry rich secret dogs?

Not all men marry rich women because of their wives’ family wealth. There are also many people who have their own careers when they get married, but just because they get a wife with a larger family background, many people hate them and label them as dissidents.

Is the daughter-in-law the king’s wife?

Although the old ideas have now been reduced somewhat. However, as in-laws, the men also receive more or less unfriendly looks from those around them. However, being an in-law isn’t always a bad thing. If his parents and his wife’s family are kind and treat the son-in-law like his own son, the boy has nothing to worry about. Through the above content, you must have clearly understood what a king is and what is the fate of the “dog under the closet”, right? Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to update the most useful information!

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