What is the term KOC? What is the difference between a KOL and a KOC?

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When social networks develop rapidly and explode as they do today, new professions and terms have also emerged from these social network platforms. KOC is an example of this.

What is KOC?

KOC stands for Key Opinion Consumer. Specifically, the main task of a KOC is to experience and evaluate products as objectively as possible for the consumer.

Although KOCs often have a smaller reach with a smaller number of followers than KOLs, reviews of KOCs have a strong impact on customers’ purchasing decisions. Unlike KOLs, who are paid for large-scale advertising campaigns, KOCs typically accept products for free trials or receive a sales commission.

Distinction between KOL and KOC

A KOL can also be a KOC, but a KOC is not yet a KOL because:

network coverage Tight coverage, strong impact Broad coverage, moderate impact
object size Small, just right Great insurance
professionalism no need Big

Advantages of working with KOC in the field of marketing

According to recent surveys, three-quarters of respondents say they are convinced by product ratings from online reviews. Therefore, using KOC to objectively evaluate products is an effective advertising strategy.
Advantages of working with KOC in the field of marketing
Since the KOC booking price is still quite low compared to current KOLs, KOC will be an effective communication method for small and medium-sized businesses with low marketing costs.

How do you rate a quality KOC?

In fact, the total number of followers of a KOC is only a secondary factor in evaluating the channel’s effectiveness. You have to factor in more engagement per post and how much fans love this KOC.
How do you rate a quality KOC?In addition, you need to choose KOCs with creative content, know how to choose brands, and only focus on a specific industry (e.g. technology, beauty, F&B, …). If you avoid working with overly “greedy” KOCs, do not decline an invitation to work with them.

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How does KOC make money?

There are 3 ways to earn money for KOC:

  • Gifts from fans (when live streaming on Tiktok platform)
  • views on the YouTube platform
  • Money received when working with brands.

Depending on the coverage and level of conversion, the price of setting KOC varies, usually there is no fixed number when setting KOC.
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