what is the trap How many types of trap are there and how do you recognize a trap?

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If you’ve ever watched anime, you must have often wondered, “What is a trap?” when this sentence is repeated many times. To let Innnewyorkcity VN Enlighten yourself to avoid a bad ending without knowing it!

what is the trap

“Trap” is an English word meaning the noun is “trap”, the verb is “trap”. However, due to Trap’s frequent appearances in Japanese anime and the Wibu community, she is understood as a specific character, in terms of appearance, personality and daily activities, we think that she is female, but actually she is male. Trap expresses the meaning of an unexpected trap in sex and love.

In the world of anime and Japanese games, Trap appears quite often, usually in male-to-female style.

What are traps in anime?

If you understood “what is trap”, you are wondering what is trap in anime? In the anime world, trap is one of the most used terms. Trap is both masculine and feminine, but this word is often used to refer to boys mistaken for girls. Most of the traps in anime look very cute and beautiful and are followed by many people. This makes viewers more confident in the gender they think they are. But for that reason, viewers were even more shocked when Trap revealed his identity.
What is trap in anime?

How many types of traps are there?

Trap has 2 types: Trap Boy and Trap Girl:

  • Trap Boy: He usually dresses and wears makeup very much like a girl. Regarding the costumes, it’s almost impossible to tell that this is a man as they rarely wear girls-only clothes, only showing parts like hair, eyes and face.
  • Trap Girl: Trap Girl has a tomboy style, often cutting short hair, cold face and similar actions. While Trap Boy is very popular with men (when the true gender is not known), Trap Girl is also considered a male god in girls’ hearts.
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How many types of traps are there?
Although Trap Boy and Trap Girl are similar in terms of gender deception, Trap Girl is often loved even when the true gender is revealed. Meanwhile, trap boys often lose sympathy when they know they’re male. If you don’t know, in real life, Trap Boy and Trap Girl along with E Boy and E Girl are becoming idols storming online live streaming platforms.

What are the characteristics to identify trap?

In addition to the concept of “what is a trap?” Discrimination is equally important in order not to be “tricked”. And this is the easiest and quickest way to identify.
What are the characteristics to identify trap?
Unless you are a person who watches a lot of manga and anime, you can hardly tell what is trap and what is real. Basically, they are all dressed up to intentionally confuse viewers. However, there are also some characteristics by which you can tell what trap is. Here are the signs to help you recognize it.

Trap Boy Identification

  • Dress Style: Although Trap Boy dresses and wears makeup very similar to girls, they rarely wear female costumes like: skirts, dresses, ao dai etc. So if a character you give is female but never wears these clothes, so let it be suspicious.
  • No Boobs: Trap looks 99.99% girly, but when you’re a man you can’t get boobs full of girls, right?
  • Personality: Trap’s personality is not weak and feminine like a girl. If you try to compare her with another girl, you can see that the personality is a bit stronger and more masculine.
  • Handling the Situation: Trap Boy looks like a girl but when there is a problem they are usually quite strong, determined and calm and give the best course of action.
  • How to deal with friends: Trap Boy always gets along with everyone, no matter what gender he or she is. Trap Boy possesses a refreshing, lively and energetic soul.
  • Carefree in all walks of life: With Trap Boy, only people think of themselves as female, but they always stand firmly by their gender. That is why psychology shies away from disclosing the true gender or sensitive contacts with men.
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How do you recognize Trap Girl?

Trap Girl Identification

  • Dress Style: Trap Girl is usually quite wild, but can still wear special clothes for women. A lot of people love trap girls in dresses, skirts or dragging dresses because they look so cute.
  • Personality: These girls have extremely cold, quiet personalities.
  • How to Behave With Friends: Be cool wherever you are with everyone (except your crush).
  • Fear of Intimacy: While trap boys aren’t usually afraid of anything, trap girls blush easily when they’re around men.

Above is an article that explains what trap is and how to recognize the types of trap you may encounter. Hopefully this will help you gain a better understanding of these terms and thus stay away from the invisible pitfalls of real relationships.

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