What is tomboy? How do you mix things up like a real tomboy?

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Tomboy is a trend that is driving young people crazy. It’s like a new breeze to help girls change their looks to become personality, strong spectacular makeover. Let’s find out more with Innnewyorkcity VN!

Find out what tomboy is?

Tomboy can be understood as “handsome girl”, this expression refers to girls with tousled hair, strong personality, who even speak like a boy. The style comes from the culture of western countries. According to the most accurate sources, this style was introduced to Vietnam in the early years of the 21st century (circa 2006). It quickly created a “craze” in the youth community.

The girls with this style always know how to impress in front of the crowd. Unlike delicate ladies, they do not like to rely on others and are always proactive in everything. At the same time, they have a dynamic and youthful style of clothing. From there, it helps to score quickly in front of everyone, right at the first meeting. Choosing to be a beautiful girl means girls choosing to live in accordance with their preferred style and personality, breaking old stereotypes that have long formed.

Is tomboy a lesbian?

No! These girls just look like boys, act like boys, talk like boys but inside they think they are still girls. Of course they still like guys.

Cool girls who just love to play with guys?

This depends on their inclination. In fact, there are many tomboys who are liked by many girls, and sometimes they get along better with girls than boys.

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A pretty girl can’t attract men, right?

This seems to be a common misconception. In fact, girls, whether female or male, only have to be beautiful to attract others. You can’t make people fall in love at first sight if you’re not pretty.

Tomboy girl fashion style

Most tomboy girls choose simple shades like white, gray, black… to match. But sometimes they refresh themselves with “wolf flower” costumes by artists. Here are some of the hottest outfits she can relate to.

Oversized t-shirt with jeans

Pairing a stretchy oversized t-shirt with denim shorts is an interesting proposition that she shouldn’t ignore. Although this outfit is very simple, it does not go out of style. It is always “hunted” by young people because it is suitable for all body types, from tall and thin girls to small girls. To add personality, you can choose t-shirts with images or slogans like WTF, RIP, YOLO to add coolness.
Tomboy fashion style - oversized t-shirt with denim shorts
In today’s market, this model of clothing is becoming widespread at an affordable price. Depending on their economic conditions, girls choose the most appropriate fashion. If you want to stand out more, you can buy a few more sneakers. Surely this outfit of hers will give everyone an “admiring” compliment.

Blazer combination shirt

She chooses polite attire to attend the event? Do you want to be both elegant and personable? The outfit combination of shirt and blazer will be a good choice. She can look for a unique check or polka dot shirt. Outside, wear a blazer that’s just the right size, not too loose or too tight. Besides, this outfit is also loved by many girls when they go to work. Dress politely without getting old. However, you need to pay attention to the color of the inner and outer layers. It must have contrasts and highlights to attract the viewer and not distract the eye. A little advice for girls when combining this fashion is not to buy a shirt that is too big. It turns you into a portable bag and even makes it look very small.
Blazer combination shirt

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T-shirt with plaid shirt

The increasingly popular style of fashion is driving young people “crazy”. If she is looking for the right outfit for school or work, she should combine a t-shirt with a plaid shirt. Also, you can wear this outfit for a weekend walk or a picnic with friends. Some girls also cleverly combine accessories such as hats, sunglasses, leather bags… to present themselves with style and show their class. To stand out, she should look for fancy patterned t-shirts to wear underneath. More specifically, you must be careful to choose cool materials, good sweat absorption, and moderate elasticity T-shirts to create a comfortable feel. On hot summer days she will not feel frustrated in this outfit.
Above is interesting information for the tomboy girl. If the current style is too boring for you and you want to change, apply it immediately. Be bold “refresh” to become young, beautiful, personality.

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