What is virtual living? Top tips for virtual living in the “top of the top”

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Virtual housing is a term that is probably no longer alien to anyone if it is now widely used on social networks. But is that bad or good? What’s your secret to being even more impressive? Everything comes in the next post This is from Innnewyorkcity VN.com.

What is virtual living?

Virtual life is the trend of posting your pictures, actions and experiences on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder etc to attract followers. This allows you to express yourself to others or simply share a personal moment with someone you know.

This has become a trend that young people and celebrities should not miss. Many people make themselves happy through interactions on social networks such as liking, dropping hearts, sharing… No one knows where this trend came from, only that it has become a trend so far. Essential for many internet users.

Virtual life good or bad?

It’s hard to say if this trend is good or bad as it’s a personal opinion of each person. For many people this is essential, it gives them joy, comfort, self-expression and helps them become famous. However, for others, satisfying the desire to become famous and fall when there are no satisfying results is like a must.
Virtual life good or bad?
You can easily come across many people showing up as KOLs from social networking sites. And her popularity and love comes from her super virtual viability. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately assess this trend. While it’s impossible to say if that’s good or bad, it’s clear that too much of anything isn’t good, and that’s true of this trend, too. We should virtually live in moderation, enough to satisfy our desire to express ourselves without making people uncomfortable.

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What gains and loses in virtual living?

To use:

  • Increase personal influence on social networks.
  • Save the moments, beautiful memories of each person.
  • Create your own artwork and become the main character.
  • If you become famous, you can fully monetize it with ads.
  • Feel free to express yourself to everyone.
  • Help you feel more loved.

What gains and loses in virtual living?
Disadvantages of virtual life:

  • Many young people have become “slaves” to the desire to show off and be famous. This leads to many undesirable consequences.
  • Make people around you uncomfortable.
  • Due to different personal opinions, some people tend to brag about relationships like GWTF or FWB on social media to the detriment of their partner.
  • If you want to express yourself with a luxurious style, it costs quite a lot.

Top tips on virtual living for young people

This trend has many styles such as photography, video sharing, food, gifts, fashion, travel, etc. However, you will always need the following items to create works that stun people.

Natural light

Natural light is always the best light for photography and videography. Should be exposed to the sun from morning to afternoon (about 3:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.). Whether you are shooting people, scenes or objects, you should choose this time to get the best brightness.
Top tips on virtual living for young people

Divine inclination angle

“Divine Tilt Angle” will always help you get the best viewing angle, not too big, too small, or to reveal flaws. Combined with the shooting angle, using your dominant hand when shooting also helps you create the most beautiful and comfortable photos. This is also the secret that “Instagram experts” often use.

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Use vibrant colors

Color has a great impact on human emotions, each tone brings a unique impression. Each different personal style will come with its own signature tones to emphasize the “quality” of the photo. However, a shimmering, colorful photo always catches the eye. You should use complementary colors to emphasize and enhance the beauty of the subject. Celebrities often post vibrant, colorful photos to attract more viewers.
Virtual living is like other trends, there are always pros and cons, so you should know how to balance to make life more joyful and positive!

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