What is Wibu? Insight on how to spot genuine Wibu

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The term Wibu is used a lot on social media platforms. However, not everyone understands the full meaning of this phrase.

What is Wibu?

It can be easily understood that this is a word used to refer to foreigners (non-Japanese) who overly worship Japanese culture. The cause of this “crazy” usually comes from manga, anime or light novels.

Origin of Wibu

The original word for Wibu is Wapanese. Wapanese is a combination of white, wannabe, and Japanese. This phrase appeared on the 4chan website in the early 2000s and quickly gained popularity. However, the word was a bit difficult to pronounce, so it was shortened to Wibu and is still used today.

How to use the word Wibu correctly

On social media platforms, as long as there is a culture of praise or honor, the Japanese are referred to as Wibu. But in reality that is not true at all. It can be said that this word has a rather negative connotation that is often used to ridicule those who have limited knowledge but like to brag and brag. So you have to be careful when using this word.

What is the Wibu identifier?

What is the Wibu identifier?
Reverence for Japanese culture, even denial of one’s own, is the clearest sign of a genuine Wibu. In addition, they also often use Japanese in daily communication, to some extent more than their main language, although they are not truly fluent in Japanese. In addition, most of these people are often addicted to anime, manga, or “crazy” about things related to Japanese culture.

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Distinguish wibu and otaku

Wibu is a term used to describe people who are extremely fanatical about all things Japanese culture, but just “ride horses to see flowers” without extensive knowledge of an area related to theirs interests related. As for otaku, this is a word for people who love entertainment media like manga, anime, feature films, video games, etc. Knowledge. the topics.
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