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What is zn zn? Why is this language so viral? If you’re Gen Z or just addicted to social media, don’t ignore this article.

What does the word zn mean?

Chan zn is a slang word for depression used by many Gen Zs. In particular, “chch” is similar to the word bass according to the Southern pronunciation, and Zn is the chemical symbol for the element zinc. Variations on this expression are as follows: Asthenia -> Constipation -> Constipation Zn.
There are many young people who use the term zn. This very different spelling makes the language and word usage interesting, but also because of this, many people don’t understand what the word means. This is a phrase that humorously expresses irony or expresses one’s own helplessness and tiredness. To reduce the negative nuances of the word bass, Champa was born. Some examples:

  • Feeling very tired when hearing a specific problem: “I want Chan Zn so bad after hearing it”.
  • Today’s final exam without learning: “Cham Kem is gone!”

Origin of Zn Cham

Jagen von Zink first appeared on the Vietnam Association of Lazy People fan page on February 6, 2021, the content of the post was “I stare at Zn, I stare at Zn a lot”, inspired by the phrase words in the article. sing I miss you so much: “I’m so tired, I’m so tired mom”. After that, this usage was answered by many young people supported by netizens since the content used this word more and more.
Why is it so commonly used?Origin of Zn Cham

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Why is Chan Zn or Tram Zn spreading?

According to many surveys, 9 out of 10 Gen Z people say they have experienced both a mental and physical crisis. They are under intense psychological pressure in terms of financial stability and career prospects, making them extremely vulnerable to stress or anxiety. Because of these mental states, Gen Z, while not yet depressed, still commonly uses the word Cham to show humor in the sentence and reduce the severity of depression. . Although this is a colloquial word that gets a lot of responses from young people, we should also reconsider and hold back on it. Use this word at the right time and place to avoid misunderstandings and help those around you to take a more serious look at depression.

Why is Generation Z vulnerable to mental health issues?

Gen Z is the generation of young people born between 1997 and 2021. In fact, Gen Z is often more vulnerable to psychological trauma compared to previous generations. To explain this, let’s find out the following causes:

Gen Z has high family expectations

Our grandparents’ and parents’ generations often suffer many disadvantages due to war, poverty… They often have to live in the mindset of always trying to do their best to get out of extreme poverty. Therefore, the grandparents and parents of Generation Z often expect a lot from their children in this generation living in peace and market economy. Because of these high expectations, Gen Z is often under pressure.

The explosion of social networks

Many studies have shown that the number of people suffering from excessive anxiety or depression in young people due to excessive use of social networks is increasing.
Why is Generation Z vulnerable to mental health issues?The reason Gen Z is prone to depression. They can be a trap boy, trap girl, or electronic boy, electronic girl, or anyone they like when on social media. But aside from the reality of life being much more brutal at times, their inability to accommodate their desires makes Gen Z stressful.

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The future is uncertain

The future of Gen Z is very unpredictable, there are many precarious things about the future, materially as well as career… making Gen Z psychology more and more anxious.
Hopefully by sharing the article on the meaning of the word Cham Zn you will have a better understanding of this term. At the same time, there is also a more sympathetic view of the young Gen Z generation and the issues they face.

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