What makes Ben Eng Thanh Hoa such an engaging Discovery from A to Z experience?

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Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist destination is known as the ‘Ha Long of Thanh’ if you are looking for an outdoor picnic spot to immerse yourself in nature and breathe in the fresh air. This is the perfect choice.

Sightseeing Ben En Thanh Hoa 46km southwest of Thanh Hoa is an ideal destination for those who love wild nature and love a variety of rare animals. Please pocket interesting experiences of exploring Ben Yen National Park through the articles below!

1. Introduction of attractions at Ben Yen Nhu Thanh Thanh Hoa

1.1. What district does Ben Eng live in?

Ben En Thanh Hoa is located in Hai Van commune, Nu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province.But there is something special about this place. Located between two districts of Nu Thanh and Nu Xuan, about 45 km southwest of Thanh Hoa city center.

Established in 1992, Ben Yen National Park covers an area of ​​​​about 15,000 hectares, is the main primeval forest providing a rich and diverse flora and fauna ecosystem. It is also surrounded by rivers, especially the Pearl River, which spans over 4,000 hectares.

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1.2 Ticket prices for attractions at Ben En Thanh Hoa

  • Ticket price for Ben Nghe tourist area in Thanh Hoa: freedom

When going to Ben Yen National Park, you only have to pay for things like parking, pearl river cruise, etc!

Ben Eng Thanh Hoa 2 Resort

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2. Tourist guide to Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area

You can choose from different mediums. and the appropriate way to get to Ben En National Park follow the instructions below.

  • trainer: You can choose a bus company running the route Hanoi – Than Hoa such as Thien Huong or Hoang Long. and contact Wu to see if the route passes through Nusuan District. Just take a motorbike taxi to Nhu Xuan Ben En, very close to the main road, so it is very convenient to travel.
  • Private vehicles: This is the best way to explore the sights of Ben En Thanh Hoa, but the road from Hanoi to Ben Yen is quite long. So you should be very careful and prepared. Specific route: Go in the direction of National Highway 1A to Thanh Hoa town, turn onto Highway 45 and go straight to the location. Going on the Ho Chi Minh trail, you will see many beautiful scenes of Thanh Hoa.
  • Car rental: In addition to the above methods If you want to go in a large group with a specific service Guaranteed safety and cost savings You can also rent a car and visit Ben Yen National Park.

Ben Eng Thanh Hoa 3 Resort

3. Discover 7 things to do in Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area.

3.1 Cruise on the Mook . River

Ben Yen National Park is a special ecosystem that perfectly combines the beauty of nature such as trees, animals, rivers, mountains and caves, most notably the calm rivers surrounding the Benyen eco-region. . It is called the Pearl River.

Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area 4

The river water here is very clear and mellow. in the past few years Ben En Thanh Hoa Tourist Area Management Center. Cruise on the river by canoe, price 60-120k / ticket more interesting and attract more visitors

Buy a canoe, boat or boat ticket and you will enjoy the fresh air. relax in the sun and visit the beautiful natural scenery on both sides of the river

Tourist spot Ben En Thanh Hoa 5

There are also many exciting events taking place on the river. If you like to explore and experience You can choose to explore the river by buoy and diving equipment. The water here is clean. waves are gentle and safe This makes this activity very enjoyable and popular with tourists.

Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area 6

on a cold day the Mook River hosts boating and swimming festivals. The calm river surface has been restored with fun and educational activities for the locals. Tourists and foreign visitors

Sometimes tourists are engaged in fishing, fishing directly on both banks. Special festivals offer convenience. The opportunity to socialize and make new friends is always very interesting.

Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area 7

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3.2 Nhu Thanh Thanh Hoa Explore the diverse ecosystem of Ben En tourist area.

Ben En National Park Thanh Hoa is home to a number of rare species. It is a diverse habitat that helps to regulate the ecosystem. Marvel at the howls of wild gibbons and enjoy the monkeys dancing in front of you.

This is a conservation area for rare species such as monkeys, lemurs and white-backed lemurs. Ben Yen National Park There are 462 tree species and 125 special plant families. Including the famous Vietnamese green iron tree, which is hundreds of years old, with a trunk diameter of nearly 3m.

Other rare and precious plant species are genera, incense, sandalwood, golden heart, lim cheo, flower slices, snails, etc. There are more than 300 species of medicinal plants in Ben En forest alone.

Tourist attractions Ben En Thanh Hoa 8

Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area Ben Ain tourism is not only a beautiful place to visit and relax with nature. This is also an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental conservation, conservation and preservation of valuable and important animal and plant species for human life.

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3.3.Explore Ngoc Cave Ben Yen National Park

Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area covers an area of ​​​​about 15,000 hectares and has many mysteries for visitors to discover. One of the beauties that attracts a lot of curiosity is Tham Ngoc. The cave is called Ngoc because in the middle of the cave there is a sparkling stone block made of ancient stalactites.

According to folk legend, Bathing in the stream water flowing along Ngoc Cave will wash away all sins and dust. Although this has never been confirmed, locals continue to worship and continue this folk belief.

Ben Eng Resort Thanh Hoa9

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3.4. Visit the Ben En . Museum

You can visit the museum directly at the welcome gate in Ben En tourist area The Ben En museum area is very spacious and modern. All four sides have airy windows, surrounded by pink peach trees and have a direct view of the Chau Giang River.

Ben En Thanh Hoa 10 attractions

When you join the tour, the guide not only introduces you to Ben Yen National Park but also introduces you to the features and historical events associated with the artifacts displayed in the museum.. .but please copy the artifacts here.

3.5.Learn about the unique culture of the village.

Want to experience the real Ben Yen National Park? You should also participate in activities to better understand the area, such as talking directly to the locals and cooking.

At Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area, people here have a culture of drinking can wine. catch fish in the jade river and enjoy other festivals … in the spirit of hospitality and kindness. The locals are very welcoming. I was encouraged to participate in the preparation of local specialties, such as sesame fish sour soup. Bitter soup cooked from pork liver and special bitter leaves of Ben En and grilled fish outside

The typical festivals of the people here often take place at night and take place directly in the village. Activities often include dancing around the campfire, telling stories, reciting poetry with the villagers…

Ben En Thanh Hoa 11 tourist attractions

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3.6. Camping in the forest of Ben N National Park

Ben En National Park has a number of flat hills. Perfect for camping lunches and sleeping in tents overnight. Camping here is allowed for free. On the operating side, there is also a rental service of tents and tarpaulins for those who do not have enough equipment and equipment.

However, when camping Be careful to catch fire and avoid setting fires directly in the forest. potential danger from forest fires After camping in Ben Yen National Park, you should clean up trash and bottles. and keep the forest as clean as possible

Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area 12

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3.7. Watch the storks and the sunset at the Pearl River

follow Ben En travel experience When you need a space to relieve stress and fast pace of life, Ben En brings a sense of balance. Ben En is beautiful at different times of the day, but perhaps most beautiful at sunset.

The best time here is at the end of a sunny day. begins to shine across the Pearl River Sunset lasts only 15-30 minutes so let’s “watch” at the right time. In order not to miss this magical moment.

Ben En Thanh Hoa 13 attractionsBen En Thanh Hoa tourist area 14

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4. Notes when traveling to Ben Yen National Park

  • Because Ben En Thanh Hoa tourist area is a tourist area surrounded by nature. Please cooperate to keep the environment clean and do not litter on your journey when visiting this place.
  • Lots of activities to explore So you should prepare comfortable clothes, easy to move.
  • To avoid being ‘attacked’ by rabies, you should have insect repellent and all necessary medical supplies ready.
  • Camping requires preparing snacks and drinks. When activities in Ben En turn into a picnic in harmony with nature. Make a note of the ingredients you want to bring.
  • to guide you through every avenue of your exploration. Remember to wear sneakers to keep your feet “healthy”.

Ben En Thanh Hoa 15 attractions

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We hope the above information will help you prepare for your exploration of this area. Ain wharf tourism in Thanh Hoa From now on, in addition to Ben En, Thanh Hoa has many interesting places worth visiting for tourists.

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