What number is 420? The special meaning of the number 420 in the world

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If you are a regular Tinder user, you often see number 420. So what is number 420? What does that mean? Is that a love code like 520?

What number is 420?

420 is the number that symbolizes April 20th each year – International Cannabis Day. However, this international day is only legalized in the US and Canada, as most other countries in the world have not yet recognized the legalization of smoking marijuana.

On this day, Americans and Canadians gather in parks or elsewhere to smoke marijuana without fear of government interference. Every year on April 20th, cannabis plants are celebrated and called for legalization. In addition, 420 is also said to represent the right day for growing cannabis. Also a code to catch the illegal marijuana trade that the Los Angeles Police Department is dealing with. From the above analysis, you probably already know what number 420 means, right? The number 420 can have many meanings, but the main meaning is the most widespread and popular International Cannabis Day. And obviously 420 is totally different from the love code 520. For those who don’t know what 520 is, this number represents the Chinese phrase I love you and also symbolizes May 20th. However, the meaning of 420 has nothing to do with love as mentioned above, but simply a day when people can drink the smoke of the weed.

Where does the number 420 come from?

After discovering the meaning of angel number 420, let’s find out the origin of this number, it will surely bring you many surprises. In 1971, a group of students named “Waldos” at San Rafael High School, USA. This group of 5 people: Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Mark Gravic, Larry Schwartz decided to find the cannabis plant they learned in the book. Scheduling begins at 4:20 p.m. at a location on campus. They gather here to smoke marijuana. However, there were times when the plan failed and number 420 was born. This code was later used by Phil Lesh, a bass member of a musical group, and became popular during his world tours. In late 1990, a former High Times reporter spotted the code “420” and its meaning on a poster advising attendees to smoke at 4:20 p.m. on April 20. This number is gradually becoming popular all over the world. World.

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How is April 20th celebrated?

How is April 20th celebrated?
Around the world, the United States and Canada will celebrate the most impressive and best International Cannabis Day. There is no fixed way to celebrate this international day. There are people who choose to party with cannabis for a whole day. There are also people who choose to go to parades, travel with friends or relatives. Or you can stay at home and enjoy a movie with a cigar in hand. There are many ways to enjoy it, but moderation is still the key.

What is interesting about the number 420?

What is interesting about the number 420?  420
In life there are many interesting things related to number 420, so what are the interesting things about number 420?

  • Many people consider April 20th of each year to be the best time to grow cannabis.
  • The number 420 is used by the US police as a cipher to break up illegal drug trafficking rings.
  • Many people also point out that the amount of the substance in marijuana is 420.
  • The country code for the Czech Republic is 420 – This is the country with the highest number of cannabis users in the world.
  • Many hotels have had to stop using room 420 to avoid confusion among cannabis enthusiasts.
  • In many countries people had to change road signs with number 420 to 419.99 to avoid the 420 days celebration could steal the number 420 sign.

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