What should Hai Duong tourism eat? Which flavor is suitable?

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Hai Duong Tourism This place not only attracts tourists with beautiful attractions. But there are also delicious and special dishes. What to eat in Hai Duong?? Check out the instructions below.

What should Hai Duong tourism eat?

A must-try specialty dish when coming to Hai Duong.

Tan Ha lychee

Thanh Ha lychee – The pride of Hai Duong people. This variety is nicknamed the “Queen” of lychee because of its small seeds. Seedless fruit, succulent flesh The fruit is as big as a big toe. Dark skin and slightly rough taste Cool sweetness combined with the characteristic aroma of each type of Thanh Ha lychee lingers long after enjoying.

Hai Duong specialty lychee

Vietnamese Noodles

What to eat in Hai Duong?? You can enjoy snail vermicelli in many places, but Hai Duong vermicelli and Kon vermicelli have their own unique flavor. Boil each perch, separate the meat and lightly fry until fragrant. Especially the vermicelli crab noodle dish has a clear, rich taste and the sweetness of fish with a bit of spicy ginger.

What should Hai Duong tourism eat?  Famous delicious food in Hai Duong
Hai Duong Dong specialty vermicelli

four flower snakes

Cha ruoi is a famous dish in Tu Ky, Hai Duong with a delicious and attractive heirloom recipe. The rich sweetness of meat mixed with eggs and the aroma of tangerine peel create an unforgettable taste. In addition to fried rice, you can also enjoy salt-roasted hot pot… which is loved by many tourists

What should Hai Duong tourism eat?  Hai Duong's famous dish
Specialty Tu Ky Hai Duong

Fresh Chicken Manhosh

Hai Duong’s special menu can’t be missed Fresh Chicken Mach Hoach – “Chicken King” from Hai Duong (Pham Hong Hoach). Initially a small shop owned by Mr. Hoach, now has a nationwide restaurant system. It is a delicious dish that many tourists love and want to eat when coming to Hai Duong.

Hai Duong Must-Try Dishes: What to Eat When Coming to Hai Duong
Manh Hoach Chicken is famous in Hai Duong.

Gia Loc thick cake

Gia Loc thick rice cake is attractive with the aroma of light green glutinous rice and banana leaves blending together to create a unique flavor. Enjoy this cake You can feel the rich flavor of sticky rice in each flavorful banana leaf cake. You can enjoy banh can with spring rolls or spring rolls, this is a familiar breakfast dish for many people.

What to eat special in Hai Duong?  What are some famous delicious Hai Duong specialties?
Gia Loc thick cake Hai Duong

Eat the monk’s heart cake

What do you want to eat especially delicious in Hai Duong?? Kinh Mon roll cake is a famous delicacy that you should not miss when visiting this land. A charming cake with a sweet, aromatic, slightly spicy taste of ginger. Blanch the glutinous rice with yellow flowers, add roasted peanuts and sugar and mix well.

What to eat special in Hai Duong?  What expertise does Hai Duong have?
Kinh Mon Hai Duong specialty cake

Hai Duong roll cake

Around Hai Duong, there is a very famous Batam Banh Cuon shop. Each cake is as thin as paper. Cool, greasy from Ba Tham Banh Cuon brand, now many famous delicious banh cuon shops “pop up”. Even many tourists have liked Hai Duong rolls once. But I want to eat when I have the opportunity to come here.

Famous dishes of Hai Duong: What are some delicious and attractive specialties in Hai Duong?
Hai Duong roll cake

Hai Duong green bean cake

mention Hai Duong’s famous dishNot to be missed the famous green bean cake. Green bean cake Refined sugar, lard and grapefruit essential oil You can choose from a variety of fillings with different sweetness depending on your preferences.

Famous Hai Duong Dishes: Famous Hai Duong Dishes?
Special Hai Duong green bean cake

Ninh Duong spike cake

The interesting point of Ninh Duong gai cake is that it is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with beautiful black hemp leaves.

The filling is made from peeled green beans that are both spongy and smooth, with a faint scent of hemp leaves, and the crisp taste of pumpkin jam. And the taste of pork fat when eaten will be remembered forever. Hai Duong specialties bought as gifts.You definitely can’t miss this cake.

Hai Duong specialties bought as gifts: what to eat when traveling to Hai Duong?
Ninh Duong Hai Duong specialty cake

Gac Ke Sat rice paper

Banh Da Gac is made from rice, sugar, sesame, peanuts, shredded coconut, especially fresh ginger. Heirloom kakak rice cakes are golden in color, adding a delicious kakak flavor. Enjoy every bite of Kao Kuk with its beautiful color, nutty flavor and coconut sweetness. and strong fresh ginger flavor

Famous dishes in Hai Duong Hai Duong Tourism What to eat and where to eat?
Gac cake speciality Ke Sat Hai Duong

The address of a delicious and famous restaurant in Hai Duong

  • Hanoi Buffet – Fast Food: 154 Truong My, City. Hai Duong, Hai Duong.
  • Dong Cua Hotpot: 44 Hong Quang, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong.
  • Ba Rang Nhan: Soi 9 189 Quang Trung, Hai Duong Town, Hai Duong
  • Hai Yen Restaurant: 27 Yet Kieu, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong.
  • Vegetarian restaurant: 262 Nguyen Luang, Bang Muang, Hai Duong, Hai Duong.
  • Chicken Rice Restaurant 243 Nguyen Luong Bang Muang. Hai Duong, Hai Duong.
  • Buffet Restaurant: 40 Nguyen Thi Due, Muang. Hai Duong, Hai Duong.
  • Banh Dau: 27A Tuy An, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong.

ready to give advice Especially Hai Duong with the address The above allows you to answer questions about What to eat in Hai Duong? not yet? In addition, you can refer to more useful information for your trip: Hai Duong self-sufficient backpacking experience Latest update.

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