What should you consider when staying overnight in Singapore?

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The vibrant nightlife is gradually returning to the Lion Island country. Visitors to Singapore at this time should be aware of some night rules in bars and restaurants.

In early April, the Singapore government announced that nightclubs, discos and karaoke bars would be allowed to reopen. Accordingly, establishments serving food, selling alcohol and staging live shows must comply with disease prevention regulations to ensure visitor safety. Here are some pointers for visitors looking to stay overnight in the Lion Island country during their upcoming trip.

Changi Airport is a popular check-in point in the Lion Island nation. Photo: Unsplash. Some clubs require quick tests This regulation mainly applies to clubs and discos that organize dance activities and music festivals for visitors. These activities are often planned in advance by clubs and discos, a representative of the Singapore Tourism Board said. Travelers complete the rapid test (ART), the results of which are valid within 24 hours and must include the duration of the activity or event.

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Music party at a nightclub in Singapore last April. Photo: zouksingapore.com Other businesses such as restaurants, bars, liquor outlets and karaoke bars must also comply with this regulation if they intend to organize music activities. Each property has a different entry fee for events. Zouk nightclub charges an entry fee of $25-$29 per female customer and $29-$36 per male customer. This cost includes two drinks. In addition to the admission ticket, customers must also pay the cost of the ART quick test before arrival. At some clubs, the cost of a spot test ranges from $9 to $15. The Singapore government continues to encourage visitors to wear masks when participating in indoor activities, including in nightclubs, discos or karaoke bars. Likewise, visitors are not required to wear masks when participating in outdoor activities. The bar has a limited number of guests. Nightlife companies continue to limit the number of guests to ensure safety. According to STB sources, bars, discos… are allowed to receive up to 75% of the guests. At the entrance, visitors are asked to check vaccination status. Before going to the nightclub, visitors must install TraceTogether to update the Covid-19 snapshots. Previously, since April 26, most entertainment activities in Singapore have no longer required visitors to prove their vaccination status. However, night operations continue to comply with this regulation. Singapore currently applies the Immunization Travel Framework, which allows all travelers who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter the island nation without having to quarantine or obtain a permit. Entry. When arriving in Singapore by land, vaccinated travelers are not required to be tested for Covid-19 prior to departure.

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