What to buy as souvenirs in Da Nang? Suggested addresses and special dishes DELICIOUS – SUPPLY – CHEAP

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Don’t know what to buy when traveling to Da Nang as a gift for friends and relatives? nutritious and inexpensive Hurry below to buy as a gift. Please suggest a place

Da Nang is the land of fresh and delicious food. And everyone who comes here has to bring back something as a gift. What should Da Nang tourism buy as a gift? Then browse through our specialties below to see the quality and what’s right for your loved ones.

1. Souvenirs from Da Nang tour?

1.1.Dried seafood – Da Nang specialty as a famous gift.

  • a sunny ink

If you don’t know what to buy as a souvenir during your trip to Da Nang The simplest food is dried squid or squid. The freshly caught squid are dried in the sun. Izan squid is fresh and tender because the squid meat is only touched once.

  • danang lychee

Da Nang dried fish is a favorite dish. And this occasion snack is also very interesting, fresh fish is caught, cleaned, seasoned, dried and cut into pieces. This easy to prepare dish combines the salty taste of fish sauce with the sweetness of sugar. and the spiciness of pepper and chili

  • Hinata’s Mackerel

Among many sea products, mackerel is very popular as a souvenir for tourists. Mackerel can be eaten raw. But recommend drying in the sun. because moisture will be removed And mackerel will have a characteristic sweet smell. You can cook fish in tomato sauce or rim with ginger fish sauce to remove the fishy smell. But they are delicious.

A single mackerel costs about 290,000/kg, making it the perfect gift for those who don't know what to buy in Da Nang (Photo: daohaisan.vn)

  • dried stingray

if you come to danang You will regret not enjoying grilled stingray here. Besides grilled stingray in Da Nang, there is also a dried dish of stingrays that can be eaten right after grilling very conveniently. If you do not know what to buy as a souvenir during your trip to Da Nang, please refer to this place immediately.

Dried stingray is marinated with rich spices, easy to process, so many people buy it as a gift, weighing about 160,000 / 500 grams (photo: collectibles)

1.2. Da Nang beef patties – Authentic taste

Da Nang dried beef has the same shape as Northern beef. But the taste is completely different when eaten. Many people buy it as a souvenir. Sausage is made from fresh beef. Filter out the tendons, mince, marinate in fish sauce, sugar, pepper, scallions, pound it finely and then wrap it in banana leaves. When eating, you can feel the pungent taste and aroma of the leaves.

About 500g of beef costs around 240,000 to 300,000 yen.

1.3. Squid rimmi

Another easy-to-find snack for those who don’t know what to buy when coming to Da Nang is Squid rim me, a unique product that cannot be found in any market in Da Nang. The squid used in this dish is milk squid. and when served with ingredients such as sesame and rich tamarind sauce You can feel the aroma of sesame and the mild, sweet and sour taste of octopus. This menu can be eaten as an appetizer or a side dish.

Squid rimme milk can be found around 55,000-60,000 per box in markets and supermarkets (Photo source: kienthuc.net.vn)

1.4.Spicy dried fish

Dried beef rim has an attractive appearance because of the outer layer of sugar and the pungent aroma of chili stimulates the taste. Spicy dried beef tendon is also very easy to make: dried beef cut into small pieces, marinated in spices and then stir-fried with sugar and chili sauce, sprinkled with a little sesame for flavor. Less confusion What to buy as souvenirs in Da Nang

Dried fish is a specialty that many tourists buy as gifts when traveling to Da Nang.  This plate costs 145,000/box of 500g (Image credit: Collectibles)

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1.5. K bear seaweed

Mika algae can be used in cooking and preparing snacks. And it’s perfect for a special gift. Seaweed is harvested directly at My Khe beach. The best quality is graded and then dried. Not only delicious but also cooling and cooling summer. making it popular among women

Seaweed used to stir-fry, cook soup, make statues... The price of Da Nang dried seaweed is about 79,000 yen per 100g pack.  (Photo Collection)

1.6 Crab milk ice cream

Milk crab is a popular dish in Central Vietnam. Small crab, soft shell, can be eaten whole, very nutritious. Provide a lot of protein and good calcium for bones and joints of pregnant mothers or growing children Or dip with fish sauce, sugar…

Are you still wondering what to buy in Da Nang as a souvenir?  You can choose Da Nang Lim Milk Club, weighing about 89,000 / 250g, neatly packed, easy to carry (photo: collectibles).

1.7 Ginseng and pineapple tea – A good gift for health

Da Nang pineapple ginseng tea is unique, delicious, sweet and cool, so many tourists choose it as a special menu. Pineapple ginseng tea has the opposite effect on sleep. This makes it very suitable for those who suffer from frequent insomnia. Therefore, it is a healthy choice. That is a wonderful gift.

Da Nang pineapple ginseng tea costs only 75,000 / 500 grams (photo: giatri.vn)

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1.8.Danang specialty snacks

  • Ryu’s dry sesame cake

Ong Ryu Sesame Dry Cake is a famous specialty and is broadcast on television, delicious, nutritious, cheap and meaningful as a gift for those who do not know what to buy when traveling to Da Nang. Ginger, sesame, etc. are blended for a special taste.

When eating, you will feel the crispness and sweetness of young sugarcane The price of Ba Lieu sesame cake is about 32,000 yen/box of 250g (Photo source: laodong.vn)

  • peanut snack

Made with malt, peanuts, sugar and sesame seeds, peanut candies are a simple treat. You can choose when you don’t know what to buy as souvenirs in Da Nang. when you eat it the texture of peanuts the texture of malt and the faint scent of sesame is very appealing

The price of peanut candy ranges from 15,000 - 65,000 depending on the type (photo credit: collectibles).

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1.9. Souvenirs as gifts

  • Souvenirs from feng shui stones

From the experience of buying gifts in Da Nang If you want to choose handicrafts from stone A beautiful and meaningful feng shui stone is the best choice. buy a statue of ornaments and colorful gems elaborately carved around the marble mountain, from which you can choose feng shui stone.

  • stylish hand embroidery

In Da Nang, a lot of handmade embroidery items are sold at souvenir shops. You can choose small but practical gifts such as embroideries, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, chair covers, coasters … to buy as gifts for relatives or to decorate your home.

What to buy as gifts in Da Nang?  Da Nang has many exquisite handmade embroidery items that can be bought as gifts.  (Photo source: saostar.vn)

  • art picture

If you are wondering what to buy as a souvenir during your trip to Da Nang? Decorate your home with paintings or artwork to preserve the memories of your trip. The most popular paintings are scenes of Han River, Marble Mountains and Non Nuoc Pagoda. In addition to painting, there are also lacquer and oil paintings that visitors can freely choose from.

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    2. Where to buy souvenirs in Da Nang?

    Da Nang is full of restaurants. supermarkets and markets selling Da Nang specialties to buy as gifts. If you do not know how to buy famous things in Da Nang. Please see below the famous Da Nang souvenir shopping addresses that are visited by many tourists.

    2.1. market

    This market is not only famous for food and shopping. This place is also famous for delicious and cheap Da Nang dishes. The market has two rows of houses with three compartments, two compartments with two wings, and four stalls in the middle of the market selling a variety of daily necessities, fresh food, and dry food. It’s a market where you can eat delicious food. Get a lot of only 15,000 VND to 30,000 VND.

    • address: 290 Hung Vuong, Vinh Trung, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • Business hours: Every day from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    Da Nang Con Market is a familiar snacking spot for many young people.  This is also an ideal place to choose to buy souvenirs during your trip to Da Nang.  (Image source: Gallery)

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    2.2.Sentra Night Market

    What to buy as gifts in Da Nang and where to buy Song Cha Night Market is one of the five most famous night markets in Da Nang. The shop is located at the Dragon Bridge and is easy to find. There are many products available here. From dried seafood, food, local products to handicrafts and souvenirs. All are very reasonably priced.

    • address: Ly Nam De Street intersects with Mai Hac De at the foot of Dragon Bridge.
    • Business hours: Daily from 18.00 – 24.00

    Son Tra night market is both a place to sell souvenirs and a great place to walk and enjoy the evening breeze.(Photo: temdai.com.vn)

    2.3 Han Market

    Han market is like Kong market, Han market has a variety of items from clothes, souvenirs, food to specialty goods, with an area of ​​more than 28,000m2, including 576 stalls and 36 kiosks, this is paradise for you to shop for specialty items. As a souvenir

    Some of the special items you can buy here are fish sauce, dried and frozen seafood, cakes, jams, dried fruits… Would you like to buy some as a gift?

    • address: No. 119 Tran Phu, Da Nang City
    • Business hours: Daily from 7:00am to 8:00pm

    Han Market Da Nang has a lot of things to sell.  If you do not know what to buy in Da Nang There are still many interesting things here.  (Image credit: Gallery)

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    2.4 Tien Phu, the only supermarket in Da Nang

    In addition to the traditional market, Tien Phu Da Nang Specialty Supermarket is an exclusive large-scale supermarket in Da Nang with a wide variety of items, spoiled for you to choose to shop for souvenirs. reasonable price

    Supermarkets are located in three locations:

    • 274 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang City
    • 659 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Da Nang City
    • 200 Ho Nghinh, Da Nang City

    2.5 Kibon specialty supermarket

    if talking about Address to buy quality gifts in Da NangPrestige is Thu Bon’s exclusive supermarket, where you can find many special items that can be bought as gifts. A supermarket with a wide selection of Central products such as dried squid, spring rolls and seafood condiments.

    • address: No. 86, 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

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    3. Points to note when buying souvenirs in Da Nang

    The people of Da Nang are very hospitable and friendly. But for those who come here for the first time and don’t know yet. What should I buy as a souvenir during my trip to Da Nang? Or where to buy gifts in Da Nang? There are only a few things to keep in mind.

    • Most of the specialties of Da Nang are quite expensive. But if you buy in bulk You can negotiate the price with the seller to get a discount.
    • Browse the stalls to see prices and choose quality products. However, don’t buy cheaply. Especially the items bought as gifts for loved ones.
    • Find a reliable shopping address first. So that you don’t spend too much time shopping for everything.
    • Please see the experience of shopping for souvenirs in Da Nang to have different options.

    Here are some tips for those who don’t know. What to buy as a souvenir during your trip to Da Nang?We hope this article has provided useful information for your upcoming trip.

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