What to wear when going to Hoi An to take pictures?

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What to wear to Hoi An to feel comfortable and take photos of thousands of people with AZ Let’s see details on how to dress up in ‘standard’ clothes below.

What to wear in Hoi An cute? Beautiful costumes must not only be beautiful in color and material, but also must be suitable for the weather, time and travel space.

1. How to Mix Hoi An Toys

What to wear to Hoi An depends on many factors, such as the weather and time of day.

1.1 Seasonal clothing

The weather in Hoi An from February to April is warm spring. This is the ideal time for tourists to visit and enjoy. Hoi An Ancient Town TourTemperatures increase from May to August. It is ideal for swimming, boating and snorkeling. September to January is the rainy season of Hoi An. and the weather is pretty cold Here’s a guide on how to dress for the seasons in Hoi An!

  • Clothing for hot weather: What to wear when going to Hoi An in the hot sun? In hot weather, choose light-colored clothing – yellow, white, orange, blue… Light colors absorb less heat radiation and keep you cool and comfortable. Light clothes will stand out and make you look more impressive. This is a factor that affects the photo. “Thousand likes” especially when you want to check in in Hoi An.

Bright clothes and light chiffon material help check in Hoi An comfortably in hot weather.  (Source: Collector)

If you like dynamic and unique style. Try pairing jeans with a stylish crop top or shirt. If you like gentle and feminine style. wear a flowing chiffon skirt and maxi skirt that prioritizes bright colors, simple motifs for young people.

  • Rain/winter clothing: Although not as cold as the north, Hoi An is chilly in the morning. warm afternoons and chilly evenings in the cold rainy season So in the morning put on a long sleeve shirt or your favorite outfit and put on a light jacket over it, just take off your coat and Feel free to explore Hoi An. The night is colder than the morning. So bring sweaters, long-sleeved shirts to have fun with toys in the city and stay healthy.

In the cold rainy season in Hoi An, be careful when choosing clothes that are warm enough (Source: Collectibles)

1.2 Create a map for a specific time of day

The weather in Hoi An varies depending on the time of day. So the clothes you choose will never be the same.

  • Arrive in the morning: Hoi An morning is foggy and a bit chilly. Perfect to wear with a glamorous dress or pair with a t-shirt and jeans. Note that I chose a red tone to stand out more, you should also bring a thin jacket to keep warm and sip a morning coffee while enjoying the tranquil beauty of Hoi An.

Wearing outstanding red tones, watching Hoi An in the clear (Source: Collectibles)

  • Ideas to wear it for lunch: Noon in Hoi An will be warmer, although hot, especially from May to July. No, we recommend wearing white or yellow. Avoid dark clothes to look better and absorb less heat.

Check in Hoi An in white (Source: Collected)

  • I will map in the afternoon. Hoi An ancient town has a quiet, nostalgic beauty, so yellow, blue or white costumes are the first choice for you to have outstanding check-in photos. You can wear a traditional Ao Yai dress and immerse yourself in the ancient beauty of the neighborhood.

The traditional ao dai blends with the ancient beauty of Hoi An ancient town (Source: Collectibles)

  • Mix dark toys: Hoi An ancient town at night shimmering under the colorful lanterns. This is a good place for walking and taking pictures, here you can wear comfortable clothes according to your preferences. But should be careful not to use black tones so that the photo does not look good.

Dress up brilliantly and check in with Hoi An lanterns (Source: Baomoi.com)

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2. Recommend dressing for Hoi An by destination

What to wear in Hoi An depends on where you want to go. Each location has different dress selection criteria.

2.1. Skirt seafarers

What to wear when going to the beach in Hoi An? Traveling to Hoi An Ancient Town without going to the beach is a pity. The beaches in Hoi An are beautiful and colorful. You can show off your body with sheer bikini or glamorous lace. Add an oversized chiffon shirt or sheer mesh top for a more confident look!

Mix bikini with fishing net in Hoi An (Source: Collected)

2.2. Costumes to visit history, culture, scenic spots

For ancient places containing spiritual elements, you should wear simple clothes, if you wear a skirt, you should also choose a long skirt. You can still walk around the campus. But please don’t go to worship.

Dress casually when visiting Hoi An ruins (Source: Kenh14.vn)

At the viewing platform, you can choose from comfortable, active and sexy clothes like dresses, tank tops with denim shorts and sneakers. A small note is that you should choose bright colors or youthful textures.

2.3. Streetwear

What to wear when coming to Hoi An When walking around Hoi An, you can choose for yourself dresses, bibs, shorts, crop tops and off-the-shoulder tops. For group travel Tong Shul Tong’s costumes use red, white, yellow, classic and other eye-catching colors. to match the area of ​​the old city

Bright and lively streetwear in Hoi An ancient town (Source: Pinterest)

The timid fashion style when arriving at the check-in point in Hoi An is the innovative ao dai, the camo long dress reminiscent of the traditional beauty of the country in the 80s. More ‘formal’, you can Go for a light and soft white The little black dress you want to be. Simple but very good

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2.4.Amusement park attire

Hoi An discovery tour is not to be missed. The Wonder of the South Wind of Hoi An – The theme park ‘Extreme’ is famous for many activities This is also the perfect check-in place for visitors to visit and experience Hoi An.

Please wear comfortable clothes to have fun at Vinwonders Nam Hoi An (Source: General)

What to wear to have the most fun in Hoi An, especially when participating in the VinWonders Nam Hoi An contest. My number one advice to you is to wear comfortable, stretchy clothes. I like it. However, brighter colors and more youthful textures look better than photos.

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2.5. Eating and drinking clothes

When dining out Comfort is the most important factor when choosing clothes. You can combine walking with eating. So you don’t have to think much about dressing to save time.

Combining walking and fun in Hoi An - saving time changing clothes (Source: Collectibles)

3. What to wear when going to Hoi An?

What color tone should you wear to stand out and attract people in Hoi An? Here are the top 3 especially for those who don’t know what to wear to impress and take photos in Hoi An. We recommend deals this.

3.1 Hoi An costumes with yellow tones

An extremely “expensive” suggestion for those who do not know what to wear in Hoi An is to wear “Sa-Thong” with yellow tones, which is the main color of the old town here. tiled walls and sunlit tiled houses Create a beautiful yellow background.

Wear a yellow dress to bring out the brightness. You might consider wearing a floral baby dress in yellow tones. Choosing retro, gold or vintage style will help you score more in every corner of your virtual life.

Retro yellow dress stands out in every virtual living corner in Hoi An.  (Source: Collector)

3.2 Mixing clothes in Hoi An with oranges

In addition to the yellow tone, the earthy orange color is also very popular when coming to Hoi An ancient town, which is a safe choice because you do not have to worry.

not too light or too dark This color is comfortable, light but eye-catching and beautiful in every frame. Youthful, gentle, feminine elegance seductive earth orange tones Give you the freedom to express yourself.

Orange-toned skirt does not match skin tones (Source: Collection)

3.3 Choose your outfit and check in at the pastel green Hoi An.

Pastel blue is the recommended color scheme to cool off and dispel the summer heat. This is the trend that will make fashion waves summer 2021. The color is easily compatible with white and gray items. Bright and pure colors not only make you feel comfortable. But the deep, warm tones of Hoi An make you stand out even more.

The pastel blue dress stands out in the photo taken in Hoi An ancient town (Source: Pinterest).

Yes, What to wear in Hoi An It depends on many factors like weather, time of day. and personal preferences We hope the above tips will help you get more ideas in choosing and preparing clothes when traveling to Hoi An.

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