What travel trends will explode in 2022?

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British travel publisher Rough Guide publishes nine travel trend updates for 2022.

According to Rough Guide, 2020 will be a difficult year for the travel industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. and it happened New travel trends for 2022 We hope to revive the world tourism industry.

1. Sustainable tourism trends

Today’s travelers are more interested in eco-friendly tours and destinations. During the trip, customers are more interested in choosing green, clean and environmentally friendly accommodation, integrating many public services, implementing energy saving or limiting measures, recycling waste. …

In addition, the means of transportation that tourists consider will be airlines with measures to reduce carbon emissions, direct flights with direct flights, or using electric cars, electric cars….

2. More and more women are traveling alone

According to Rough Guides, by 2022, the number of female solo travelers is expected to increase. And the number of women-owned businesses is expected to grow. This means there will be an increase in marketing these types of trips and destinations to this audience.

Many tourists come to visit in conjunction with local activities. They want their trip to be meaningful, bring out their own experience and give something back to the destination and the local economy.

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3. Domestic tourism tends to develop

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic Expected to boost domestic travel demand further in 2022. Travelers are deciding to choose an ideal holiday instead of searching for international travel ideas by waterway.

Vietnam started the economic stimulus program “Vietnamese go to Vietnam” to help revive and revive the smokeless industry. The hottest domestic destinations in the last month of the year are Phu Quoc, Sapa, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Da Lat.

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4. Travelers think more carefully about their trip.

Due to the complicated development of the epidemic, it is therefore imperative and very important for travelers to take time to do thorough research before starting their vacation. Collect information more relevant to your destination to make informed decisions. includes safety, environmental, weather and additional services.


5. Prioritize flexibility in service provision.

Concerns about travel restrictions and border closures due to the pandemic have prompted travelers to choose travel providers with a wide range of options.

6. Free travel is on the rise.

travel trends in 2022 Freeride is here More and more travelers are turning to independent travel with the desire for more personal and adventurous experiences rather than opting for pre-existing scheduled trips. reluctance to go to crowded places Look for places that are less crowded. and tailored to individual preferences

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7. The trend of slow travel increases rapidly.

Young travelers or retirees looking for a longer and slower journey. There is plenty of time to gain experience So they chose to stay longer. Research tourist information more carefully. and focus on eco-friendly destinations

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8. Big family trip

In 2022, the trend of family-connected travel will grow rapidly due to diverse needs., clan Choose attractions that offer packages from dining to entertainment for seniors, young adults, and children.

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9. Information about insurance, medical services


Covid-19 has no forecast for when it will end, so travelers need to learn more about the destination’s health system and travel insurance packages. In addition to information about destinations, services. Information like this will help ease worries for travelers and help them travel worry-free in 2022.

it is here travel trends in 2022Hope visitors can have more ideas for the trip.

(According to Kanko Shimbun)

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