What’s a cool boy? Become a cool boy that thousands of people will love

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Young people often use words like “cool boy” or “so cool” to talk about a certain guy? So what kind of guy is a cool guy? Find out with Innnewyorkcity VN in the article below!

What’s a cool boy?

Cool Boy is an English expression referring to men with attractive, stylish and masculine looks. They are calm, calm, a bit cold, but handsome and very handsome.

These guys are often hard to reach on the outside, but extremely warm on the inside. They are always honest about their feelings, don’t rely on themselves and are passionate about their passion. This is the male model that fascinates women. Many people think that they are very difficult to reach, but when they come into contact with them, they will find them extremely cute and never fail to melt women’s hearts.

Are handsome men necessarily handsome?

Unnecessary! But most guys of this type are handsome and know how to dress appropriately. Their looks are always attractive to women because of their cold looks, but their hearts are extremely warm. Unless they are too beautiful, their aura must be outstanding to attract others.

Is Cool Boy similar to Fuckboy?

In fact, every guy is just one step away from Fuckboy. If this man successfully flirts with you, plays with you, and walks away without saying goodbye, then you’ve met a real fuckboy.

How do you know the cool guy you know isn’t a fake asshole?

Bad boys always look good to attract you but have no talent to take care of you. Therefore, kings or bastards often like to use words to win your heart. This type of person is easy to spot: don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does!

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Steps to become a cool boy that thousands of people love

Cold has always had a certain attraction. There are plenty of guys who aren’t too prominent, but their cool and cool personalities have “jaded” a lot of girls. Here are the steps to become a really cool boy who will make thousands of people fall in love:

Must have normal face and good looking style

Cool guys are men with standard faces. Not too pretty, but must look good, the dress must have its own taste, the body must be standard. If you have such a look, you have created an attraction for women and everyone around you.
Steps to become a cool boy that thousands of people love

The face is always cold, calm, expressionless

Guys who are calm, quiet and show little emotion always win the hearts of those around them more than guys who talk a lot and do nothing.

Find healthy habits

An attractive man is more than looks. A less discriminatory lifestyle is also one of the factors that will help you become more attractive in the eyes of others. Let’s start with the habit of regular exercise, limit your consumption of spicy, greasy foods and choose green vegetables and fruits instead. Think positive things often, don’t smoke, get more rest to be healthier and mentally better.

Calm but warm

Even if you look cold, you must be warm. Knowing how to take care of the people around, even if it is not obvious to the outside world. In addition, paying special attention to the person you like is also a factor that helps you score in the eyes of those around you.
Calm but warm

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Don’t worry about how much money

As a cool boy, you must have absolutely no worries about money, no curiosity about other people’s affairs. The most important thing is to be more special than others, that makes you attractive. As you become special or better, you become more confident and cooler. Hopefully with the sharing above you got a better understanding of what a cool boy is and how to become a cool boy that thousands of people will love. Being a cool guy isn’t too difficult, sometimes a little carelessness and arrogance brings them down!

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