What’s the game going on? Explain all about word play

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Recently, the phrase game on is widely used on Tiktok, Facebook and other social networking sites. So what does this word mean? how to use it

What’s the game going on?

Game on is a word used to express agreement or acceptance of a challenge or competition. This is the word used by players when accepting a challenge from an opponent. However, the above game is also available in many different contexts.

Other meanings of the pun above

Depending on the context, the above pun has the appropriate meaning. We can understand the above pun in three ways:

  • The game begins
  • Enjoy the afternoon
  • let’s fight

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Why are word games popular lately?

Previously, the word game on was popular only in the gaming community, but after The Next Gentleman – The Perfect Gentleman aired, Huong Giang’s excessive use of the word “game go baby” caused controversy, the word game on is also mentioned from more people.

The details of the incident are as follows: After losing his team’s candidate Luu Cao Phat, Huong Giang angrily left the elimination room and repeatedly said, “The game goes on. Baby Game” clip series on the Tiktok platform, besides, there is also an opinion that Huong Giang is imitating the “big sister” Thailand Lukkade when she says the word “Game on”.
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