What’s wrong with bad girls who make men “die to death in love” even though they still criticize them?

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Hearing the word “bad girl” might not be very likeable, but it makes a lot of men fall in love. Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity VN, do these girls have something special that makes men, even if they belittle their mouths, still be fascinated in their hearts?

what is a bad girl

Bad girls are girls whose way of life is beyond the norms of family and society. They will live the way they want instead of imposing conventional standards on themselves. These girls are often referred to as bad girls, sometimes even as fuck girls.

Accordingly, bad girls often do not arouse people’s sympathy, but there are many points that good girls do not have. However, to say what a true “wise” girl is is not easy.

What are the symptoms of bad girls making men belittle their mouths but their hearts are “tired”?

Nowadays, as life becomes more modern, the concept of the bad girl is also more popular. A lot of people wonder why girls coddle but still get a lot of guys “drunk like a smoker.”

Don’t try to be a man’s second mother

Instead of controlling her husband like a good girl, a bad girl lets go of her lover. They don’t care who men talk to or meet, and don’t have time to get angry or reprimand them. Simply because they think they are not the center of the universe. A lover is not the whole world to her. But this girl is always surrounded by friends, co-workers… They give men freedom and that’s one of the things men enjoy.

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Don’t make promises to a man

Good girls like promises like, “I love only you,” “I can’t live without you,” and are easily moved by them. Bad girls are fed up with these promises and will even run away when they hear them. . Simply because they understand that every promise comes only then.
What are the symptoms of bad girls making men flinch?
Bad girls understand that love is just a thing of today and can change tomorrow. So you only need honest opponents at the moment. This is also the reason why they often do not believe the sweet words of men. Therefore, men can be relaxed and easygoing when dating bad girls, with no promises or pressures about the future.

A bad girl’s first priority is not a lover

For a bad girl, her first priority is herself rather than a lover like a good girl. Men, on the other hand, often want to be the hunter and don’t like focusing all of their attention on one person. This is also one of the reasons why they are considered selfish. Just feel bad and they’ll be gone and happy in a few days. Therefore, falling in love with these girls sometimes gives men a headache. But by the way, this stimulates the desire to conquer men, because the more indifferent she is, the more he wants to possess.

Makes men feel like they’re on an endless hunt

Having successfully flirted with the good girl, the man has won and his conquest is over. Now he has nothing to conquer, because good girls nodded in agreement, they will devote themselves to their man. When we have everything in our hands, we’re going to find it boring, and men are no exception. But on the contrary, the bad girl nods, but still shows the man that he can lose her at any time if he doesn’t try. Simply because they have many options, if not you, someone else will be better. This is a manifestation of bad girls, which differs from good girls in that they often stimulate men’s conquering instincts.
Makes men feel like they're on an endless hunt
Not only that, good girls often like to feel safe. Therefore, they are afraid of the latest experiences, especially in sexual matters. But bad girls are completely different because they join the man in the new fun, making the experience both more diverse and sublime.
Bad girls make guys fall in love, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt. After all, they are still girls and will still love their man. If you haven’t, then you’re still not the right person for her.

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