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One of Yua Mikami’s biggest rivals is Arina Hashimoto. So what is it about this innocent girl that makes people think of her as a saint?

Who is the JAV goddess Arina Hashimoto?

Profile of JAV Actress Arina Hashimoto:

Actor JAV Arina Hashimoto
Japanese name 橋本ありな
Date of birth December 15, 1996
Age 26 (from 2022)
zodiac Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Height 166cm
3 ring measurements 84-56-83cm
work JAV film actor
JAV. movie day two thousand thirteen
social network Twitter: @Arinahashimoto1Instagram: arina_hashimoto1215

This sweet and innocent girl’s full name is Arina Hashimoto. She was born on December 15, 1996 in Tokyo, Japan. She impresses with her innocent face and hot body of JAV star. She has a height of 1.66 m and a measurement of 3 rounds of 84-56-83 cm.

The attractions of Arina Hashimoto

Arina Hashimoto has a hot body with standard measurements of 3 rounds. The face is not only beautiful but exudes innocence and that is also her deadly weapon. Maybe it’s because of her hobby that she always maintains her innocence in the episodes. According to Arina Hashimoto, she has quite childlike hobbies like reading manga, watching anime, playing games, especially puzzles.
Young and dynamic
Arina also has a very attractive acting style. In the film, she always excellently shows the actions, expressions according to the plot and the emotions of the character, even if she sometimes encounters many difficulties. This JAV actress’s face always exudes an authentic look that is the highlight of her films. This makes Arina Hashimoto’s episodes very captivating and watched by many people.
Holy Virgin Arina Hashimoto

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Career of JAV actress Arina Hashimoto

Arina entered the JAV industry in 2015. Embarking on this path, she was struck by the beauty that made many men fall. She is compared to other seniors like Sora Aoi or Asuka Kiara. Before breaking into the field of Japanese adult films, Arina also took the path of singing and joined a music group, but was not very successful.
innocent saint
Although she entered the adult film industry quite early, Arina won the award for the most beautiful JAV actress in 2018 just 3 years later. She has also been called the goddess by the JAV fan base. one of the hottest faces not only in adult films but also in the land of cherry blossoms.
sexy with bikini
Besides acting, she also appeared in many television shows and became a model for many magazine pages as well as advertisements. It brings many remarkable achievements to the development path of this JAV idol. Throughout Japan and netizens around the world, there is no one who does not know this girl
hot and innocent
However, it is quite unfortunate that she received the Best JAV Actress of the Year award in 2018. Arina has announced that she is getting out of this field, which makes many Nightingales regret.
deadly beauty

The most complete Arina Hashimoto JAV movie code

Here are the JAV movie codes that make Arina Hashimoto’s name you can’t ignore:

FSDSS-408 OFJE-290 SIVR-059 IPX-219
FCDSS-028 OFJE-286 OFJE-225 SIVR-030
FSDSS-393 FSDSS-127 SIVR-057 SSNI-305
FCDSS-027 OFJE-274 SSNI-621 OFJE-163
REBD-636 OFJE-272 OFJE-223 SSNI-284
FCDSS-026 FSDSS-111 OFJE-221 SSNI-258
FSDSS-376 OFJE-269 OFJE-219 OAE-151
REBD-630 FSDSS-098 SSNI-593 SSNI-233
FSDSS-365 OAL-002 SSNI-569 SSNI-209
FSDSS-351 OFJE-267 OFJE-213 OFJE-148
FCDSS-022 OFJE-266 SSNI-546 SSNI-182
RBB-226 OFJE-263 OFJE-209 OFJE-140
FSDSS-335 FSDSS-078 LD-012 SSNI-157
RBB-224 OFJE-258 OFJE-207 SSNI-132
FSDSS-320 FSDSS-069 SSNI-520 SSNI-014
OFJE-333 OFJE-256 SSNI-497 SSNI-081
FSDSS-304 RBB-186 SSNI-476 SSNI-056
SDSS-289 OFJE-253 OFJE-197 REBDB-260
FSDSS-259 FSDSS-055 OFJE-196 VORM-008
OFJE-321 OFJE-251 SSNI-456 SNIS-970
FSDSS-242 OFJE-250 SSNI-436 SNIS-923
OFJE-318 FSDSS-042 OFJE-190 OFJE-112
OFJE-319 OFJE-247 REBDB-352 OFJE-110
OFJE-315 OFJE-243 SSNI-413 SNIS-854
FSDSS-226 OFJE-241 OFJE-185 SNIS-830
OFJE-313 SSNI-733 SSNI-392 SNIS-716
FSDSS-209 SSNI-706 REBDB-340 SNIS-696
FSDSS-194 SIVR-068 SIVR-035 SNIS-679
OFJE-305 REBD-443 SSNI-378 SNIS-632
OFJE-301 OFJE-233 SSNI-369 OAE-099
OFJE-299 SSNI-677 SIVR-033 FSDSS-289
REBD-536 OFJE-229 SSNI-348 FCDSS-012
SIVR-101 SSNI-647 SIVR-032 FSVSS-003
OFJE-294 SSNI-658 OFJE-171 FSDSS-274
OFJE-292 OFJE-226 SSNI-326 FSVSS-004

Cultural differences don’t make us deny the sheer beauty and sexy body of Arina Hashimoto. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN every day to see the most interesting information.

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