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In Japan Asahi Mizuno, who is the more popular star than Yua Mikami? Let’s explore the beauty known today as the hottest short hair lover with Innnewyorkcity VN.

Biography of Asahi Mizuno

Personal Information of Asahi Mizuno

Actor JAV Asahi Mizuno
Japanese name 水野朝陽
Date of birth 11/12/1990
Age 32 (as of 2022)
zodiac Scorpio (Scorpio)
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Height 171cm
weight 48kg
3 ring measurements 90 (F cup)-58-88 cm
blood type one
work Adult film actors
JAV. joining date February 2013
Twitter @mizuno_asahi
youtube あさひちゃんねる

Asahi is a goddess who was once famous in Japan far beyond Yua Mikami and Eimi Fukada. Even many Japanese don’t know who Yua or Eimi is but can tell Mizuno’s full name. Even though the sex film actress name Asahi is now past the peak of her career and beauty, she still has a lot of appeal in the JAV loving community.

Mizuno Asahi JAV’s hobby

Most fans of Mizuno know that she was a manicurist before becoming a JAV actress. She has a strong passion for nail sculpting. On the beauty’s personal side, she often shows off photos of her gorgeous nails. She also has a small nail salon endorsed by many AV stars.
Mizuno Asahi's Hobby JAV 1
Asahi Mizuno is also very interested in food and travel. Her Youtube channel is a series of eye-catching content. Especially this hot 18+ girl is also famous for her delicious cooking skills. In addition, the beauty also loves sports and regularly does exercises in the gym, yoga, cycling, archery, swimming and plays basketball with her friends.
Mizuno Asahi's favorite JAV 2

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Career Path of Asahi Mizuno JAV

The career of the sexiest short hair lover

At first, Asahi was just curious what it would be like to play at JAV. She was about to enter and then left quietly. But the plan didn’t work out just because the 18+ studio refused entry to strangers. However, a manager noticed her and helped satisfy her curiosity. After witnessing the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism of the film crew and AV actors, she decided to enter the Japanese adult film industry.
Career of the sexiest short hair lover 1
This hottie, who was born in 1990, started her debut as a JAV Idol in February 2013 at Madonna’s exclusive studio. However, her peak activity only lasted until February 2019. The porn actress announced her retirement and became a fashion salesman. However, after almost 2 years of absence, Asahi Mizuno reappeared in December 2020 and has been active so far. Currently, the management company C-more ENTERTAINMENT is opening its own online gallery, with the price of each of its hot photos dropping to about VND 200,000.
The career of the sexiest short hair lover 2

Mizuno’s achievements

According to Tinhay, Mizuno was the most prominent JAV idol from 2013 to 2018. This is referred to as the peak time of this 9x goddess. Short hair, sexy plump body and beautiful face are the traits that make her the most perfect short hair lover. She was Best SEXY Porn Actress twice in 2021 and 2022. This achievement is said to be credited to her plump physique, which was fit for Japanese men at the time.
Mizuno's achievements 1
Asahi Mizuno’s model is not only popular with domestic fans, but also makes Korean, Taiwanese and Filipino fans flutter. During surgery, beautiful people often come to these areas to hold events. Mizuno is not only a hot movie actor, but also a nail salon owner and YouTuber with more than 18.8 thousand subscribers.
Achievements of Mizuno 2
In Japan, mizuno is known as tarento (celebrity). This is a title that not all movie actors over 18 can own, including Yua Mikami or Eimi Fukada. Her coverage in Japan is huge as she often appears on TV. Her Twitter has more than 330,000 followers.
Achievements of Mizuno 3

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Top JAV movie code by Asahi Mizuno

During the 9x actress’ career, she has starred in more than 1000 sex movies. Here is the best JAV movie code including uncensored AV movie code.
Asahi Mizuno's Best JAV Movie Codes 1

  • SVDVD-436
  • EKDV – 430
  • AWT-065
  • Grandparents – 009
  • July – 940 Asahi Mizuno uncensored
  • July – 909 Asahi Mizuno is discovered
  • REBD-635
  • July – 872
  • July – 846 Discovered
  • July – 812 uncensored
  • CAM – 065
  • URE-066 is not censored
  • MIAD – 928 undiscovered
  • July – 756 uncensored
  • July – 719 uncensored
  • July – 782
  • MKMP-271
  • MDBK-209
  • JUX – 626 uncensored
  • MIGD-698

Top code for JAV 2 by Asahi Mizuno
Asahi Mizuno's Best JAV Movie Code 4
The best JAV codes of Asahi Mizuno 3
Above is all information about the first porn actress Asahi Mizuno. Please follow Innnewyorkcity VN regularly to discover more hot girls over 18.

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