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Maria Ozawa started her career at the age of 19 in over 18 films, more than 10 years later, Maria Ozawa officially retired to start anew.

Who is the Japanese goddess Maria Ozawa?

JAV Actress Profile Maria Ozawa

Actor JAV Maria Ozawa
Another name Miyabi
Date of birth January 8, 1986
Age 36
zodiac Capricorn (Capricorn)
Place of birth Hokkaido, Japan
Height 169cm
3 ring measurements 86-64-89cm
work Adult film actors, models
JAV. movie day 2005
social network TwitterYoutubeFacebookInstagram

Maria Ozawa was born in 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan. She has two bloodlines: her mother is Japanese and her father is Canadian. Therefore, her foreign language skills are very good, she can speak both English and Japanese fluently. Once one of the elite students at an international school in Hokkaido, Maria Ozawa’s family believes in her future.

But at the age of 19, Maria Ozawa suddenly hid her education from her parents and began to break into the Japanese adult film industry. It is this young age that has helped her get many projects and earn a huge income of more than 6 million yen (more than 1.26 billion) per month.
Maria Ozawa
Maria Ozawa

Film Code 18+ played by Maria Ozawa as the female lead

As the “queen” of the adult film industry, it’s no surprise that she has a long list of titles to her credit. Here are some of Maria’s most famous movie codes:

ONSD-737 Maria Ozawa S1 12 Hour Special
MIBD-509 Small waist 4 hours BOIN
MIBD-502 Reverse R**e, 4 hour special
RBD-187 S***e Town Chapter 2
ONSD-390 The best! Cock rub cowgirl fuck 4 hours
AVERAGE-500 Doctor Maria Ozawa
XND-011 American school 11
ECB-036 Evangelist for anal pleasure
DASD-031 Anal slave enema drive!
SNYD-048 Deep
EBOD-038 electronic body
HP-005 honey pot 05
ONED-662 super risky mosaic
PMS-146 sports milk!
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Maria Ozawa was kicked out of the house by her parents for filming 18+

Although the work was quite successful, Maria Ozawa made her family reject her. When she heard that her parents were very angry, even Maria’s mother hit her and vowed to give up if she continued on this path. Since the family had a huge fortune from filming, they decided not to meet and not receive money from their daughter.
Maria Ozawa
Follow 10 years and become one of the most recognized names in the Japanese adult film industry. However, faced with her own compromises and everyone’s contempt, Maria Ozawa decided to quit.
Maria Ozawa

What is Maria Ozawa’s life like today?

Currently, Maria is retired and living a simple life in the Philippines with a desire to rebuild her life. She is very happy with her new life, and in a foreign country she no longer has to receive strange looks like in the land of the rising sun. Maria started a new life in the Philippines investing in opening bars and hotels. In addition, she also took part in some films and entertainment events. Her income also comes from social networks, because thanks to her large following, Maria Ozawa is a sought-after name for a variety of products such as watches, jewelry, cosmetics, fast food … Recently, Maria Ozawa also opened a personal YouTube . The channel specializes in cooking vlogs, teaching Japanese, introducing travel, etc. Currently, her channel has 151,000 subscribers.
Maria Ozawa
Her income has decreased compared to her previous job, but she believes that she is adequate and comfortable in her current life.

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Maria Ozawa’s love story

Maria’s boyfriend doesn’t care about her past

Speaking of love, boyfriend Jose Sarasola – Hispanic-Filipino actor, chef and businessman is always by her side and encouraging. The couple spends a lot of time traveling and enjoying life. Maria Ozawa also hopes to marry and have two children, a boy and a girl, for her boyfriend.
Maria Ozawa
Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa broke up with her boyfriend after 4 years together

She recently announced that she has split from her boyfriend after 4 years together, this information has been confirmed by reputable Filipino news sites. Soon after, the two spoke about this breakup.
Maria Ozawa
The reason Maria shares is “We realized we could no longer afford to maintain a long-distance relationship. To be honest, it was a very difficult decision.”
Once when the “holy maiden” returned to the state, many men expressed their desire for Mary to return.

Maria Ozawa’s hot photo collection

Maria Ozawa's hot photo collection
Maria Ozawa's hot photo collection
Maria Ozawa's hot photo collection
Maria Ozawa
Who is the Japanese goddess Maria Ozawa?
Who is the Japanese goddess Maria Ozawa?
Who is the Japanese goddess Maria Ozawa?
So, after many ups and downs in life, Maria also found a new stillness and joy for herself! Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to update the latest news!

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