Who is the hot girl Mango Non? The beautiful woman from Streamer Xemesis

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As one of the extremely famous hot 2K girls, but since she officially became the wife of Vietnam’s richest streamer, Xoai Non has been attracting more and more attention from the online community.

Biography Of Hot Girl Mango Non:

story young mango
Real name Pham Thuy Trang
Date of birth 4/11/2002
Age 20
zodiac Scorpio (Scorpio)
Height 160cm
landscape Ho Chi Minh City
education secondary school
Marry see
work Image templates, streaming
social network Facebook Mango Non Official with 309,000 followersTiktok xoinon.official with 873,000 followersInstagram chanchan.0411 with 1.7 million followers

Who is Non-Mango?

Non Mango’s real name is Pham Thuy Trang, born November 4, 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City, former student of Truong Chinh High School. She is notable for her beautiful looks, especially her rare western beauty. With a hot and sexy body, he soon “knocked” on millions of his fans and received a lot of attention from the online community.

Young mango with a hot body

What is Non Mango’s career like?

Although she is quite young, Mango Non has been involved in acting for a long time with her participation in many sitcoms, music videos… One of the recent projects in which she took part was the MV Find you in Chi’s dream. . People 2019. And of course, with her excellent looks, she is also a famous face in the modeling world, taking lookbooks for many brands.
Mango Non has participated in many sitcoms
Young Mango quit studying and started making money
It is known that Non Mango dropped out of school in the 10th grade and started doing what he loved to make money. Recall that she has previously been embroiled in controversy over her statement: “It’s better to study stupid and make a lot of money than to study well without making money. All society needs now is money, got it?”.
In 2020, Non Mango officially entered the flower car

Young Mango’s married life with streamer Xemesis

In 2020, at the age of 18, Mango Non officially got into the flower truck at Xemexis – one of the “Four Kings” of the Vietnamese streamer village. At the same time, this is also the currently richest streamer in Vietnam. The couple’s wedding is also very expensive.”ink paper” of the newspapers when she constantly mentioned the groom’s family, a VND 28 billion wedding dress with diamonds, the bridal procession with a supercar of more than 7 billion and the cult guests … She shared that she will come to Xemexis herself. received many negative comments. from the public. They think Young Mango came to Xemesis for money and fame…
Young mango with husband
Young mango shares about life
After getting married, the two took part in many TV shows together to cover their married life. In the show Son and Son, Mango Non shot himself into the hearts of the viewers with his perfect beauty and his funny and charming way of speaking.
Mango Non shares upcoming plans
And recently, while participating in a TV show, she also shared her upcoming intentions and plans. Especially the plan to have twins, a boy and a girl, so as not to have to give birth twice.
Non-mango's real name is Thuy Trang

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Beautiful pics of hot girl Mango Non

Currently, Mango Non’s personal page has more than 1.1 million followers, an impressive number for a girl who has never been in showbiz before. Your posts always get a lot of interaction from fans. Especially the sexy pictures of the extremely hot 2-piece bikini let the viewers admire and praise.
Non Mango has more than 1 million followers
Hot girl mango
Young mango at the resort
Girl posing at the resort
Young mango with bikini
Young mango has a beauty with no dead corners

Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis

Non Mango and Xemesis’ wedding used to be the focus of fans’ attention, the couple spent half a billion dong to take wedding photos. The highlights of this expensive photoset are fresh flowers and beautiful dresses specially designed for the hot Gen Z girl.
Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis
Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis
Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis
Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis
Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis
Wedding photo of Young Mango and Xemesis

Young mangoes and close sisters

She is also known to be a close friend of hottie Wilson Nhat Anh. Because they both have hot looks, mixed faces and the same age, they are often mistaken for twins. On top of that, she’s pretty close to Linh Ngoc Dam and Thieu Bao Tram – pretty prominent names in the showbiz world.
Young mangoes and close sisters
Young mangoes and close sisters
Mango's best friend
Young mango's friends
Young mangoes and close sisters
Even though the flower has an owner, fans are still mesmerized by the beauty of the Non Mango. You can peek through the “burned hands” images above with Innnewyorkcity VN!

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