Why ask the flight attendant before changing seats?

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Many people think that they can easily change seats on an airplane, but in reality it is not advisable to do so.

consequences travel and entertainment, you will sometimes encounter a situation where many front row seats are empty but the flight attendants will not let you move up. While switching seats may not seem like a problem on a non-crowded flight, it can actually pose a potential hazard as the plane can tip over.

Changing seats on a flight can be dangerous. Photo: Getty.

Can Have Serious Impact Everyone knows that aviation is calculated and finely tuned engineering. While movement of a person on board is typically unlikely to cause the aircraft to tip over, the Federal Aviation Administration has a manual that governs weight and balance on an aircraft for each specific situation. The center of gravity in the aircraft is the most important thing when taking off. Pilots need to know the weight distribution in the aircraft or set the correct readings to maintain airspeed. Pilot Magnar Nordal stated, “If done incorrectly, the aircraft may have difficulty taking off.” Darren Patterson – a pilot for a major airline in the US – said: “On a wide-body aircraft, one person can move 10 rows of seats and it has little effect on balance. But if that person moves, just a few rows in the area of ​​small planes or jet engines, the effect will be much stronger, maybe even out of bounds.”

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Don’t automatically do your thing on the plane. Photo: The active times.

However, passengers don’t have to worry about losing the center of gravity of the aircraft during flight. After takeoff, people can move freely in the cabin without fear of affecting weight distribution. But that doesn’t mean you can sit comfortably in empty seats without warning. According to United Airlines, some seats were intentionally left vacant for “operational reasons”. So don’t automatically do it alone. Money Matters The best time to change seats is at check-in, whether online or at the airport counter, especially if you’re trying to get an upgraded seat. . Delta specifically writes on its website that even if passengers book an empty Premium Economy Class seat, they “cannot select a complimentary Delta Comfort+ seat upon boarding, regardless of concession status or fare.” “. This decision is often made to reassure customers who have decided to pay more.

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The best time to change seats is at check-in. Photo: Conde Nast Traveler.

Airlines now consider seat assignment a “privilege.” Flight attendants may have a harder time convincing passengers to sit where they are available. For example, United “does not allow free seat selection or modification of the Basic Economy ticket.” While some passengers were lucky enough to secure an empty seat in Premium Economy Class with a clever request, a couple were thrown off the plane for trying to move to an empty row without permission. This is a prime example of how asking permission is far better than asking for forgiveness or dealing with the consequences later.

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