Why is it so easy to get canceled when the weather is too hot?

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Summer is often the time when many people travel. But according to experts, the heat is not ideal for flights.

A veteran pilot said the heat could mean some flights being canceled in cases of force majeure. Accordingly, all aircraft require “lift” to fly high. The plane then uses atmospheric pressure to maintain its balance in the air by balancing the gravity of the earth below, drag from behind, and the thrust that propels the plane forward.

Airplanes always need a “lift” to keep their balance in the air. Photo: CN Traveler At extremely high temperatures, however, the air density becomes much thinner, making it difficult for planes to take off and land. This means travelers should monitor temperatures at both departure and destination locations so they can predict if your flight will still be canceled after a delay. Captain John Cox told USA Today: “There is a set maximum temperature, if it is exceeded all flights cannot depart.”

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It will be very difficult for planes to take off and land on hot weather days above 43 degrees Celsius. Photo: Aero Mr. Cox also stressed that if the temperature is too high, the number of passengers and the volume of cargo that an aircraft can carry can decrease wear. The required carrying capacity is lower than normal. Because the dense hot air reduces the aircraft’s lift. Aviation experts say the plane can operate in temperatures around 43 degrees Celsius or below. In 2017, however, more than 40 flights in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) had to be canceled after the temperature rose to 48 degrees Celsius, and extreme heat is also said to have had an impact. to the complex machinery of the aircraft. At this time, there is a risk that the air conditioner will fail, which will make the passengers in the cabin extremely uncomfortable.

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Pilots should regularly check the engine temperature on board. Photo: Beautiful Views The most negative impact of this condition is that people on board become severely dehydrated or experience other heat-related symptoms. Pilots must also regularly monitor the aircraft’s engine and temperature. Because whatever the weather, the take-off and landing time is also the time when the aircraft engine has to work a lot and in the hottest condition.

The US imposed heavy fines on passengers who misbehaved on the planeThe US imposes fines of up to US$81,950 for a single passenger and US$77,272 for a US passenger.

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