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The end of the year is a good time for vacation travel. due to the good weather a bit cold and easy to get to. It’s time for all the flowers to bloom. So if you are wondering where to go during the year-end and new year holidays? Please see the flower season check-in points nationwide!

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1. Year-end travel to see the sunflower field in Bawi Da Lat

Wild sunflowers usually bloom in late October to early November. If you come to Da Lat at the end of the year, you will be able to see the clusters of bright yellow wild sunflowers.

In Da Lat, you can visit famous wild sunflower meadows such as: Fishing Mat-Cau Dut, Golden Valley and Tu Cha-Bong Rai.

The city center also has many places to watch wild sunflowers live virtual like Da Lat University, the way to Minh Hoa theological school, Pham Hong Thai street next to Da Lat station…

If you are in the northern provinces You can visit Ba Vi National Park on the outskirts of Hanoi. Here in November, yellow canola flowers bloom, which is also the time when many tourists check in.

2. Hazan vascular triangle

Buckwheat flowers often bloom in October and November in many regions such as Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Moc Chau (Son La), Da Lat (Lam Dong), especially in Cao Bang. The main season of these flowers begins in mid-March. and Ha Giang is the most famous land for the annual buckwheat flower festival.

When coming here, visitors will be mesmerized by the brilliant pink and purple flower carpets stretching on the winding road between towering mountains such as Yen Minh pine forest, Pho Van old town, Vung family mansion, Lung flagpole. Ku… are the most beautiful check-in locations in this flower

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3. Hanoi daisies

When it comes to the end of year flower season, many people are fascinated. Chrysanthemum season is not to be missed. Especially chrysanthemums attract young people and tourists to check in and take photos in Hanoi. The nightingale season does not last as long as other flower seasons, usually blooming in late November and early December. But from late October to early November, wreaths of daisies appear on the street.
To check in during the chrysanthemum season You can visit famous places such as Nhat Thanh flower village, Tay Thu flower village, Song Hong rock beach.

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4. Moku Chau Canola flower

From November to December, Mok Chau (Zong La) attracts tourists with its white canola flowers. Most crops are grown in Ban Ang, Ban Papach, Ban Dong San, Ban Kok, Dong San and Ban Tai Hung, Muong San Community, along Highway 43 from Moc Chau Farm Town, Moc Town Chau distributed in -zone) to Dan Lung Sap Park. Hoa Moc Chau can be reached by car or motorbike. Entrance fee 10,000-20,000 VND each time, some places do not charge

During this time, fields of bright yellow canola flowers can also be found in some Northern Delta regions such as along the Duong River, Phu Dong village, Yen Bien Thung… for 20,000 VND/round.

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5. Sunflower

The most famous sunflower field is Nghe An sunflower field (Nghe An), which blooms most in November and December. This place especially attracts tourists from all over the world to take pictures for free. fee. If you want to see the 60-hectare flower field stretching to the horizon. You can rent a ladder from a nearby family for a few tens of thousands of dong.

Unlike the common flowers mentioned above, sunflowers are ubiquitous.

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A detailed travel experience in Nghe An pocket for you. attractive there What to eat and where to have the most affordable price

6. Da Lat pink grass hill

Pink grass, also known as snow grass, blooms from the beginning of November and becomes a tourist attraction in Da Lat. and disappear after about a month This grass grows a lot on the pine hillside near Quy Quarter. Suiwang Lake Tuyen Lam Lake Thai Pian Flower Village…

In early December, weasel grass turns pink on the banks of Tuyen Lam Lake along Mimosa Pass and the road to Suoi Van, the most beautiful is when the sun turns pink.

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7. Moku Chau plum blossom

Dream flowers like the princess of the Northwest mountains. Especially in Moc Chau, plums grow in forests on the mountain slopes. during plum blossom season It seems that the whole mountain is covered with a beautiful white silk.

Plum blossoms begin to bloom in December. And the best time to see it is from late January to mid-February.

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