Zeros Continues to Cause Public ‘Buy’ Drama

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Zeros is a name no longer alien to the Vietnamese esports community. Aside from this former player’s talent, he also loves creating drama and banning Golbal.

Zeros openly “buy” and heat up the fans

Recently this guy posted a photo purporting to show the exchange between Zeros and An (EasyLove team) in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the caption “Representative An, it’s 6 o’clock.”
This guy posted the message with EasyLove gamer “selling blood first”, “How much to negotiate”and also ask the question of gratitude: “This award is very important to me, so please respect me for once.”
However, the EasyLove (An) player remained silent, then posted Zeros on his personal page. But he deleted it soon after.
Zeros continues to cause drama when it's public
Betting, buying and selling is unsportsmanlike conduct that negatively values ​​esports and seriously affects the fairness and purity of the competitive environment. . Following this announcement, tournament organizers need to pay attention to the EasyLove team, and on the Zeros side, fans have a feeling this guy is “out of the cure” with no illness showing signs of stopping when they turn on Zeros apply to create television series.
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